The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1748

Chapter 1748

As she swung her sword, another Sword Light appeared.

Before the Sword Light struck her opponent, the sheer force of its creation caused the collapsed mountain ruins to disperse further.

The Thunder King floated in mid–air.

He knew it was his chance to display his strength.

Psychics have kept a low profile internationally for so many years.

The world had been dominated by martial artists all this time. Although people knew of psychics, they did

not have a strong presence.

He could control the global martial art community if he could resist Thea’s attack and defeat her.

Faced with the Sword Light, the Thunder King showed no fear.

The electricity surrounding him quickly gathered together and formed a lightning bolt that was the size of a burly man’s arm. The lightning bolt zipped forward and collided with the black Sword Light.

The lightning bolt and Sword Light collided.


Their collision caused a deafening explosion.

The explosion stunned some martial artists with weaker cultivation bases in the distance. Fortunately, their heart meridians were protected by the stronger martial artists in their sect. Otherwise, the sound of the blast and the force of the aftermath would have killed many of them.

The explosion’s aftermath also blasted away the Thunder King.

His body plummeted from the sky.


His body crashed into the ruins.

As soon as he hit the ground, Thea lunged in for another attack.

She swung the Malevolent Sword again, creating another Sword Light.

The Sword Light hurtled toward the ruins where the Thunder King had crashed.

When they saw this, all the psychics of Merania immediately gasped in horror.


“Oh no…”

“Impossible! Our captain will never lose!”

None of them believed their captain would be defeated.

To them, their captain was invincible. How could a mere ancient martial artist from Sol defeat him?

In that critical second, a figure dashed out of the ruins.

Barely as soon as he rushed out, the Sword Light slammed into the ground.

The Sword Light created another massive chasm.

The Thunder King stood thousands of meters away on a rock.

He was covered in blood and seemed to be in a horrendous state.

“Damn it!” he cursed.

He raised his hand and pointed at the air.

“Lightning, strike her down!” he roared.

Suddenly, a lightning bolt appeared in front of Thea,

The bolt of lightning was a hundred meters in length.

The silver–white lightning pierced through the sky and zoomed toward Thea.

In a flash, Thea appeared a thousand meters away and swung the Malevolent Sword in response. A mighty Sword Light formed and crashed into the lightning bolt.

The lightning bolt was dispersed by the Sword Light in an instant and vanished.

Suddenly, more lightning bolts appeared all over the sky, attacking Thea relentlessly.

Thea dodged rapidly whilst trying to counter with her own attacks as well. Sword Lights manifested out one after another and struck the lightning bolts.

However, there was an overwhelming amount of lightning bolts arcing toward Thea.

Her Malevolent Sword was struck by one of them.

The moment the bolt touched her sword, a terrifyingly strong force coursed through her body via the Malevolent Sword and surged around her whole body from her hands. Her body went numb, and her Blood Energy began to gush. Her throat felt warm, and she hacked out a mouthful of blood.

When that happened, Thea’s speed decreased.

Meanwhile, another lightning bolt was heading right at her.

Thea could not dodge it in time, and her arm came into contact with it. Instantly, her arm was covered in blood. She could not keep a firm grip on the Malevolent Sword. The sword fell from the sky and landed on the ruins.


“Our captain is a force to be reckoned with!”

“I knew it! How could our captain lose?”

“How could a mere ancient martial artist from Sol defeat our captain?”

The Meranians cheered when they saw this scene.


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