The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1739

Chapter 1739

Thomas walked over and said, “Tomorrow is the day Sky assembles martial artists from all over the world. Every martial artist is heading toward Mount Ludis right now. If I’m guessing correctly, Sky wants to be the Great Grandmaster of the entire martial community. He’s quite powerful and has reached the peak of the Skyward Stairway’s Ninth Stair. Now, only you can stop him.”

Thea looked at Thomas with a slightly troubled expression on her face. She said, “But I haven’t reached the Ninth Stair yet. I’m only at the Seventh Stair. There’s still a large gap between myself and Sky in terms of power.”

“You’re only at the Skyward Stairway’s Seventh Stair?” Thomas furrowed his brow.

Shortly after, he sighed and said, “There’s not enough time. If you were given another two weeks, the power you’ll gain from the Four Holy Beasts’ blood would certainly get you to the Skyward Stairway’s Ninth Stair. However, we’re running out of time. You’ll have to go regardless. Given that Sky was the one who set sail with James, he’s the only person who knows whether James is dead or alive.”

“Alright.” Thea nodded and said, “I’ll go.”

“Remember, it’s at Mount Ludis.”

After Thomas finished speaking, he turned around and left.

Thea, on the other hand, stopped her cultivation and left the forest. She drove back to Cansington, bought a ticket for her departure, and made her way to Mount Wunderton.

The reason was that the Malevolent Sword was still at Mount Wunderton. Now that she had reclaimed her strength and her memory, she had to go retrieve it.

Crucifier, the Malevolent Sword, and True Demonic Energy. Even against Sky, who was at the Seventh Stair of the Skyward Stairway, she would have a chance.

Even if she could not defeat him, Sky would have a difficult time defeating her.

Half a day later…

At the summit of Mount Wunderton… 1

Master Delphinia looked at Thea, a hint of surprise on her face. “ Thea, you…Why are you here?”

With a respectful expression, Thea said, “Lord Omniscient gave me qilin blood. I’ve regained my memory as well as my strength. Now I’m here to take the Malevolent Sword.”

Master Delphinia’s face was filled with astonishment. However, she did not say anything and merely gestured for Thea to proceed.

Thea arrived at the leeward side of the mountain. An overhanging cliff several hundred meters high stood ahead of her. Lodged in the middle of the cliff was a sword.

The blade was entirely embedded in the rock, and the sword hilt was black.

Thea stood on the ground and waved her hands casually. A powerful True Energy formed in her palm. This surge of energy swept through the area, rushing toward the cliff across from her and engulfing the Malevolent Sword.


The Malevolent Sword was ejected in an instant.

In a flash, Thea appeared in the air thirty meters above the ground, holding the Malevolent Sword.

With the Malevolent Sword in her hands, Thea felt extremely powerful. Her pretty face was serene, and her heart began to rise with confidence in her invincibility.

Holding onto the Malevolent Sword, Thea muttered softly. “The Malevolent Sword is in my hands now. Sky, I hope you didn’t sneak up on James and attack him. If you did, I’ll take your head.”

After that, she took a stride in the air and appeared before the cliff. She returned to the nunnery, briefly greeted Master Delphinia, and began rushing toward Mount Ludis without pausing.

Today was the day for martial artists from all over the world to gather.

Sky not only informed the martial artists in Sol, but he also notified other martial artists who were abroad.

Mount Ludis was situated in the center of Sol. At the summit of

Mount Ludis, martial artists gathered from all over the world. Almost every martial artist in the country was present.

The Sylvan Sect, the Heaven and Earth Sect, the Five Swirling Blades Sect, Mount Thunder Sect, the Ancient Four, the Blithes, and so on… All the notable sects had gathered in this place.

There were also a lot of foreign martial artists.

The First Blood Emperor from the Blood Race, Zekiel from the Polaris Sect, and others who were well-known on a global scale were almost all in attendance.

At this precise moment, Sky stepped forward and appeared in the open space at the center of Mount Ludis’ summit. He looked at the throngs of people surrounding him and said, “Everyone, I’ve gathered you here today because of the dragon. Through my investigation, I discovered the dragon’s location. The dragon’s blood has the power to make people immortal. We should all be able to enjoy this together. I want to grant everyone immortality, so I’m going to reveal the location of the dragon.

“We’re going to slay the dragon together.

“However, we need a leader. The dragon is extremely powerful, so we’ll need a commander.

“The purpose of gathering everyone here is to form an alliance and elect the Great Grandmaster. They will lead everyone to slay the dragon, become immortals together, and live forever.”

Sky’s voice resounded throughout the area.

As soon as he finished speaking, someone stepped forward and said, “Since Sky proposed it, I recommend Sky as the Great Grandmaster. Sky will lead us as we work together to slay the dragon.”


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