The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1813

Chapter 1813

Thea sighed, “I can walk by myself, James.”

The battle raged on at Mount Kirkton.

After their palms collided, the Omniscient Deity hurriedly staggered backward. Sky, on the other hand, went on the offensive.

His movements were agile, and his attacks were ferocious. He repeatedly aimed at the Omniscient Deity’s vital parts. The Omniscient Deity, meanwhile, only deflected his attacks. There were opportunities where he could attack Sky. However, at the moment crucial moments, he chose not to attack.


As the two were ninth-rank martial artists, their aura alone was enough to disintegrate Mount Kirkton. The mountain, which was a thousand meters in height, was reduced to rubble in mere minutes.


Sky roared and brandished his sword.

Then, he charged toward the Omniscient Deity at lightning speed. Dust swirled, and pebbles were shattered to pieces. Trees fell and immediately turned to ashes.

Just as he was a hundred meters away from the Omniscient Deity, he slashed with his sword. A Sword Light appeared and charged toward its target..

The Omniscient Deity raised his hand, and powerful energy gathered in his palm, which deflected the Sword Light.

However, although he managed to deflect the attack, he nonetheless staggered backward and collapsed to the ground.

Before he could stand, Sky was already beside him, pressing his sword against his neck.


Everyone was dumbfounded.

The battle had only just begun.

How did the Omniscient Deity lose so easily? Was he simply too weak? Was Sky perhaps too strong?

On the battlefield…

Sky glanced down at the Omniscient Deity.

“You have lost, Master.”

Hearing this, the crowd gasped.

“What? Sky is a disciple of the Omniscient Deity?”


Everyone was stunned, including James.

Sky slowly sheathed his sword.

The Omniscient Deity stood up. There was blood trickling down his lips. He looked at Sky and smiled, ” Not bad, you have surpassed me. I admit defeat.”

Sky did not say anything in return and simply turned to leave.

The crowd looked at one another.

Thea grabbed James’ hand and whispered, “Something’s not quite right, Darling. This is the Omniscient Deity we’re talking about! How could he be defeated so easily?”

“Mhm.” James nodded slightly and said, “Though Sky is indeed powerful, there’s no way he’s that powerful. Even if I was in the Omniscient Deity’s place, I’d be able to last much longer. However, the Omniscient Deity was defeated so easily. Is this his true strength?”

James was in disbelief. He had seen Langston, the Prince of Orchid Mountain, fight. Langston was a ninth- rank martial artist too. However, during his fierce battle against the dragon, he demonstrated strength that far surpassed that of the Omniscient Deity. He could not believe that this was all a ninth-rank martial artist was capable of. There could only be one possibility: the Omniscient Deity went easy on Sky Many powerful martial artists came to the same conclusion.

In the distance, where the Prince of Orchid Mountain was standing, Tyrus whispered, “Father, how was the Omniscient Deity defeated just like that? This is unbelievable.”

Langston did not believe that this was the Omniscient Deity’s full strength either.

After thinking for a moment, he said, “Indeed, he demonstrated the aura of a ninth rank. However, he was defeated nonetheless. Only one possibility remains: he did not use his full strength and purposefully lost to Sky”

“But why? Is he trying to conceal his true strength?” Tyrus asked.

Langston shook his head slightly. “I don’t know either. I planned to use this opportunity to witness his true strength. However, I didn’t expect him to go to such lengths to conceal it. He didn’t perform even a single signature martial art skill.”

At that moment, not even Langston had any idea what the Omniscient Deity was up to.

Though many powerful martial artists knew there was something fishy behind the Omniscient Deity’s defeat, the weaker ones could not. They only knew that Sky was now the greatest in the world. After all, if he could defeat even the Omniscient Deity, there was no way the Prince of Orchid Mountain would stand a chance.


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