The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1814

Chapter 1814

Everyone expected a fierce battle that would go down in history as one of the greatest ever fought. They did not expect it to be over in minutes.

The Omniscient Deity was defeated, and Sky won.

After the battle, Sky’s fame and prestige spread far and wide. He was now widely recognized as the greatest in the world. Even though he had never fought against the Prince of Orchid Mountain, everyone believed that Sky was now the greatest because he defeated the Omniscient Deity. The latter had lived far longer than the Prince of Orchid Mountain, so to them, the longer one lived, the stronger he would be. Only a handful of powerful martial artists felt something was amiss. They knew that the Omniscient Deity purposefully lost to Sky. However, no one knew his reasons.

After the battle, the crowd dispersed.

Thea left alongside Thea. They left in advance in the hopes that no one would bother them.

Meanwhile, Callan followed close behind. He wanted to stay with James for longer since they had been discussing martial arts together over the past three years.

He knew that James had cultivated the Lunar and Terra Art. Although he managed to do the same under James’ guidance, he could not sense the presence of Empyrean Spiritual Energy. If not for the changes. James underwent, he would have begun doubting the Lunar and Terra Art’s authenticity. Since he had yet to cultivate the Lunar and Terra Energies, he did not wish to give up just yet.

As they approached Hearthome City, Callan asked, “James, where do you plan to go next? Are you returning to the little village?”

“Mhm.” James nodded and said, “I mean, where else can I go? Thea’s baby is due in a month or two. I can’t be wandering about outside at such a time.”

“Since I’m free, I’ll go with you. This time, I’ll have to work harder and cultivate the Lunar and Terra Art. If it still doesn’t work, I will consume the Dragon Essence and use its power to cross into the ninth rank.” Three years ago, Callan obtained the Dragon Essence and some dragon blood. He ascended to the peak of the Ninth Stair just by consuming the dragon’s blood. So, he stored the Dragon Essence away and did not consume it.

Then, he took his phone out to buy a plane ticket.

“The Omniscient Deity?”

James, Thea, and Callan, who were inside the car, froze

James got out and looked at the Omniscient Deity who was blocking their way, asking him, “What is the meaning of this, Lord Omniscient? Why are you blocking my path?”

Wearing a composed look on his face, the Omniscient Deity looked at James and said calmly, “James, do you still remember how I provided you with intelligence in exchange for your promise that you’d do something for me?”

“Yes.” James nodded.

Indeed, he remembered this. However, the Omniscient Deity had never requested anything from him ever

“Now that you’re here, I assume that you require my assistance?”

“Yes.” The Omniscient Deity nodded.

“Name it, then,” James said.

He once made a promise to him. He also knew about the Omniscient Deity’s rules. At Mount Jade, one would provide intelligence in exchange for intelligence. Alternatively, one could do a favor in return. As for the favor itself, that would be for the Omniscient Deity to decide.

The Omniscient Deity said, “I need you to get me something.”

“What is it?” James asked.

“The Imperial Jade Seal of the nation of Lothian.”


When he heard this, James froze before asking. “Lord Omniscient, why do you wish to acquire that? It should be useless for you, no? Or do you perhaps think that you can be the Emperor of Lothian just by controlling its Imperial Jade Seal?”


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