The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1815

Chapter 1815


The Omniscient Deity laughed and said, “That’s none of your concern. You only need to seize the Imperial Jade Seal from the Prince of Orchid Mountain.”

James was lost in thought. He had no idea what the Omniscient Deity was up to.

After thinking for a moment, he changed the subject, saying, “Lord Omniscient, why did you purposely lose to Sky? Although he’s a powerful ninth-rank martial artist, there’s no way he could have defeated you so easily.”

“This is none of your concern.” The Omniscient Deity rebuffed him.

“In that case, why don’t you go after the Imperial Jade Seal yourself? Since I’ve yet to cross into the ninth rank, I wouldn’t stand a chance against the Prince of Orchid Mountain. You, on the other hand, might stand a chance.”

The Omniscient Deity scoffed. This is none of my business. Since I’ve listed my demand, it’s up to you to come up with a plan.”

After he spoke, he turned to leave.

“Wait!” James stopped him in time.

The Omniscient Deity turned to look at him and asked, “Is something else the matter?”

James said, “I’d like to seek your advice on martial arts.”

“Speak, then.”

James continued, “I’m curious to know how you managed to cross into the ninth rank.”

“The ninth rank, huh?” the Omniscient Deity murmured before saying, “I remember telling you a few years ago that one needs to gain insight and have accumulated sufficient life experience to make a breakthrough.”

“Yes, you did.” James nodded. “But I was wondering if you could describe it more in detail.”

The Omniscient Deity looked at him and said, “Which stage have you arrived at? Have you sensed the power of nature?”

“Mhm.” James nodded.

Hearing this, the Omniscient Deity took a deep breath.

He once advised James to gain insight before trying to attempt to break through the ninth rank. The first step in gaining insight was to comprehend the power of nature. Only with the assistance of the power of nature can one break through the realm barrier and cross into the ninth rank.

This was the proper path.

There were strict requirements one had to fulfill before being able to sense the power of nature and Empyrean Spiritual Energy. One must be unrestrained by the shackles of ambition, must have experienced great ordeals in life, and must have great intimacy with nature.

Back then, when he was at the peak of the Ninth Stair, he spent a hundred years just to gain insight. He never expected James to accomplish the same thing as he did in just three short years.

He said, “Not bad..”

“Please enlighten me,” James spoke humbly.

“Mhm.” The Omniscient Deity nodded slightly.

James had done well to accomplish such a feat.

If James had not gained insight, nothing could be brought about no matter how much guidance he provided him. After all, one needed to learn to sense Empyrean Spiritual Energy by himself. For example, even though Callan cultivated the Lunar and Terra Art, he could not sense Empyrean Spiritual Energy. “The power of nature, which is commonly known as Empyrean Spiritual Energy, is also called Primordial Energy. Primordial Energy came into existence alongside the earth. In ancient times, this energy was terrifyingly powerful. Now, however, it has diminished in strength. Based on my research, this power only exists in the wee hours of the morning. Once the sun rises, Empyrean Spiritual Energy will dissipate. Even after detecting Empyrean Spiritual Energy, you need a unique cultivation method to absorb it. By doing so, your body structure will be modified, allowing your body to accommodate a greater amount of True Energy”

“It took me three hundred years to create a cultivation method for absorbing Empyrean Spiritual Energy ever since I sensed its presence.”

“Three hundred years?”

James was dumbfounded.

300 years must have been a lengthy process. He never expected that he would be so fortunate that he would be able to gain a unique breathing method. If not for the Lunar and Terra Art’s breathing method, he would not have been able to modify his body structure.


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