The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1750

Chapter 1750

Thomas called out to Thea, snapping her out of madness in time.

She did not strike a deadly blow. Instead, she only knocked the Thunder King away.

Thomas had his own selfish reason for stopping hers.

He knew the dragon was powerful and would not be easily slain.

Losing a strong asset now would make slaying the dragon a more precarious task.

The Thunder King possessed considerable strength and was not weaker than a martial artist who had reached the Skyward Stairway’s Ninth Stair. Such strength would be helpful in the fight to slay the dragon.

Thomas appeared in time and walked toward Thea.

Thea looked at Thomas and asked warily, “Sir Caden, why did you want to save him? I haven’t been a martial artist for long, but I know the Meranian Psychics have been antagonizing us all these years.”

Thomas said, “Thea, slaying the dragon is our biggest priority. The dragon is ferocious, and it’s not going to be easy to take it down. If you kill one powerhouse right now, it’ll make slaying the dragon more dangerous for us. Moreover, there’s a ninth–ranked grandmaster living on the island. He is definitely an enemy of ours. To kill him, we would have to work together.”

Thea frowned upon hearing his explanation.

At that moment, the other psychics from Merania rushed over to help the severely injured Thunder King out of the ruins.

Sky approached Thea and Thomas.

He looked at Thea with a bright smile and said with admiration, “Thea, you’re strong! Your strength is baffling. It’s no wonder you’re James‘ wife. The position as Great Grandmaster of the whole martial community is yours to claim.”

Although Sky’s lips were curved in a smile, he was secretly furious at her.

‘Damn it! James was already incredibly strong, and now his wife is also a formidable person herself. How will the rest of us live with this overwhelmingly powerful couple?‘

Thea immediately replied, “I’m not interested in being the Great Grandmaster of the whole martial community.”

She only wanted to be with James.

The main reason she established the Celestial Sect was to help James.

However, James‘ final fate was still unknown.

She had no intention of becoming the Great Grandmaster or having anything to do with it.

Thomas promptly advised her, “Thea, you must become the Great Grandmaster today.”

“Why?” asked Thea.

Thomas replied as he turned to the crowd, “You’re the strongest martial artist among everyone here. All the martial artists from Sol and worldwide have acknowledged your strength. Isn’t that right, my fellow martial artists?”


Many martial artists that came closer chorused loudly.

Jackson walked over and said with a smile, “Thea, Mount Thunder Sect choose to only recognize you as our Great Grandmaster.”

“That’s right.” Sylvan Sect’s Master Maha also spoke out.

“Yeah, I agree.”

“Thea, you shouldn’t turn down the position.”

“All hail to the Great Grandmaster!”

Suddenly, many martial artists kneeled on one leg.

As soon as one person knelt, many others followed suit.

In just a brief moment, thousands of people were kneeling on the ground.


Thea wore a troubled expression.

She had no intention nor had she thought about becoming the Great Grandmaster and leading the martial community. She simply came to question Sky about James‘ whereabouts.

Now that she had learned that James had been defeated by a strange person, she wanted to rush to the island to investigate further and find out whether James was truly dead.

She did not believe he was dead and firmly believed he was still alive.

Thomas said with a smile, “Thea, you shouldn’t turn it down. No one else is more suitable to take the position than you. If you want to avenge James, you can’t rely on your own strength. You’ll need the entire martial community to unite in order to avenge James and slay the dragon.”

Thomas looked at the feeble Thunder King, who was covered in blood and being held up from the ground.

He smiled and asked, “Thunder King, right? Do you have any objections?”

The Thunder King looked at Thea.

There was a trace of fear in his eyes.

Thea was terrifying.

Before his teacher’s passing, he had been constantly warned not to provoke Sol’s ancient martial artists.

However, he felt confident that he was invincible with his current strength, which emboldened him to interfere.

Unexpectedly, he lost to a woman.

Although he was dissatisfied, he did not dare to utter a word of complaint.

“No,” he replied weakly.


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