The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1751

Chapter 1751

Thomas asked, “Does that mean you acknowledge Thea as the Great Grandmaster.”

The Thunder King nodded. “Yes.”

Thomas said, “Then, according to the previous agreement, from now onward, everyone must obey the orders of our Great Grandmaster.”

The Thunder King nodded and said, “I acknowledge her and will obey her command, but only on this expedition to slay the dragon. That will be the extent of my submission to her command.”

“Alright.” Thomas nodded.

That was more than enough.

With the addition of psychics, their projected success at slaying the dragon was doubled.

Thomas looked at Thea and said, “Thea, you should give the order now.”

“Me?” Thea frowned.

“What do I tell them?”

Thomas said, “We’ll follow your instructions on how to slay the dragon. You’re in charge of our next step.”

Thea had no idea what to do.

She knew nothing about dragons.

After thinking for a while, she said, “How about we gather in Cansington first and discuss this matter there.”

Cansington was conveniently located near the ocean.

To travel to the island, they would have to travel via cruise ship from Cansington.

Therefore, Thea decided to have everyone meet up in Cansington first.

Sky immediately stepped forward and announced loudly, “Our Great Grandmaster has issued an order! Everyone is to meet up in Cansington first to discuss the plan to slay the dragon! As long as we slay the dragon, everyone will gain immortality!”


“We’ll do as our Great Grandmaster commands!”

“Let’s depart to Cansington!”

At that moment, the Omniscient Deity smiled from a distance after seeing this scene and said, “I never expected a person from another country to have survived more than a thousand years. Since he’s lived that long, he must’ve reached the ninth rank. Otherwise, it would’ve been impossible for James to lose to him.”

“I have to go have a look for myself,” the Omniscient Deity murmured.

He decided to head to the island to check it out before everyone else started heading there. He wanted to see for himself the strength of the strange man who had practiced martial arts abroad for over a thousand years.

The ancient martial artists on Mount Ludis left one after another.

Thea left together with Thomas.

On the way, Thea asked, “Sir Caden, what’re you planning next?”

Thea knew for a long time that Thomas planned to slay the dragon. For this very reason, he had been setting up this plan for decades.

Even the killing of the Spirit Turtle was just a precursor to slaying the dragon.

“Sir Caden, since the Spirit Turtle is also one of the Four Holy Beasts, why can the dragon’s blood allow one to become immortal, yet the Spirit Turtle’s blood doesn’t have the same effect?”

Thea blurted out the question in her heart.

Thomas explained, “It’s true the Spirit Turtle is one of the Four Holy Beasts. However, it’s the weakest one among them. The dragon is strongest, followed by the phoenix, then the qilin. The Spirit Turtle is in last place. As for whether the phoenix or qilin’s blood is capable of giving one immortality, I don’t know. I’m certain the dragon’s blood is capable of doing so. Furthermore, there are immortals living in this world. Putting the others aside, I know of one hiding among the Blood Race. Moreover…”

Thomas‘ expression became solemn.

“There’s also one in Sol, the Omniscient Deity.

“The Blood Race’s immortal is afraid of Sol’s immortal, which is why he had never dared to show his face.”

Thea listened attentively.

Hearing this, she could not help but sigh deeply.

Immortality was a tempting prospect.

“Then, what’s your follow–up plan?”

Thomas thought for a while and said, “Of course, it’s to head to the island to slaughter the dragon. However, this time, only the strong should go. Those who have not entered the eighth rank should not be taken along in the mission. Otherwise, they’d be walking to their deaths. Additionally, I plan to take some high–tech weapons as well.

“Attacks from some powerful, high–tech weapons are comparable to a full–strength blow of a martial artist on the Skyward Stairway’s Ninth Rank.”

Thea asked, “When do we depart?”

“There’s no need to rush. We can discuss this in Cansington.”

“Alright.” Thea nodded.

She was uninterested in slaying the dragon.

Her concern was to check on whether or not James was still alive.


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