The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1752

Chapter 1752

The martial community’s conference on Mount Ludis had successfully come to an end.

Initially, Sky wanted to seize the opportunity to become the martial community’s Great Grandmaster. However, Merania’s psychics appeared unexpectedly, and he chose not to act to reveal his strength.

Ultimately, Thea became the Great Grandmaster.

Sky was dissatisfied with the outcome.

After everyone had left, Sky sat among the ruins and smoked a cigarette dejectedly.

Suddenly, a man wearing a red mask walked over.

Sky sensed the approaching person and stood up immediately.

“Teacher.” Sky looked at him respectfully.

He was unclear about his teacher’s identity.

Sky had never seen his teacher’s appearance and only knew his teacher was strong and taught him unique martial art techniques. Even the heaven–defying Great Law of Absorption was introduced to him by his teacher.

The masked Omniscient Deity looked at Sky and said, “Mhm. What’s wrong? You’re in a bad mood.”

With a disappointed face, Sky replied, “I’ve worked so hard but ended up just setting things up for Thea.”

The Omniscient Deity comforted him, saying, “Don’t overthink it. It’s only temporary. Once you obtain the dragon’s blood and become immortal, your lifespan will be prolonged for eternity. You’ll have a long time to live. With such endless time in the world, becoming the greatest martial artist in this world will be a piece of cake.”

“You’re right, Teacher. I understand.”

The Omniscient Deity looked at Sky and said, “On this expedition abroad, I don’t want anyone else coming back alive. Do you understand?”

Sky looked at the masked Omniscient Deity puzzledly.

The Omniscient Deity replied, “You should already understand any person left alive means more immortals. They’ll become a threat to your dream of becoming the greatest of this world.”

“Understood.” Sky nodded.

“Give me the map to the island.”


Sky immediately pulled out his phone and showed the map he had taken a picture of from James to the Omniscient Deity.

The Omniscient Deity took a look and memorized it instantly.

Then, he turned to leave.

After leaving Mount Ludis, he headed to Cansington and secretly boarded a helicopter heading to the island alone.

He wanted to meet this strong man hidden overseas.

Meanwhile, James had been staying with the mysterious and strange Wilbur for the past few days.

While Wilbur was not manic, he was clear–headed and easy to talk to. He shared his knowledge of the

Lunar and Terra Art with James.

For the past few days, James had discussed a lot with Wilbur.

“I think your understanding of it might be wrong.”

James wrote on the ground.

“When cultivating the Lunar and Terra Art, one can cultivate two types of energy, the Terra Energy and the Lunar Energy. They are two complementary streams of True Energy that work well together. You’ve taken a shortcut, causing the Lunar Energy in your body to be more dominant, resulting in your body being unable to cultivate Terra Energy.”

“Is that so?”

After reading the ancient script written by James on the ground, Wilbur also wrote on the ground. “What do you understand from this?”

James wrote on the ground again. “Lunar and Terra represent Sky Energy and Ground Energy, which corresponds to the body’s Yin and Yang energy. Heaven is represented by yang, and the earth is

represented by yang. The two need to reach a balance..”

James began to write on the ground, sharing his knowledge.

After seeing it, Wilbur shook his head and wrote again. “No, that can’t be right. I practiced according to the cultivation method, and there shouldn’t be anything wrong.”

James fell into thought.

He looked at the cultivation method recorded on the stone wall and pondered about it seriously.

“I’ve got the True Nine Ordeals Energy in my body right now. Concentrating all nine streams of energy together would make True Heavenly Energy. From my understanding, I’ve already cultivated Yang energy, Lunar Energy, and Sky Energy but I lack Yin energy, Terra Energy, and Earth Energy”

“It would be great if Thea was here.”

James could not help missing Thea.

The cultivated True Demonic Breath.

If Thea had not lost her memories and cultivation base, he could discuss these martial art problems with Thea.

By the time he realized this, he lived on the island for an extended amount of time.

Sky had left a few days in advance already.


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