The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1753

Chapter 1753

If everything went according to plan, Sky would soon lead a vanguard to the island to kill the dragon.

In the past few days, James had been chatting with Wilbur and discovered a dragon did indeed exist on the island.

The dragon’s tail had been severed more than 1,300 years ago, but it was still alive and hiding in the Dragon’s Abyss. Over the years, Wilbur had seen the dragon several times.

It would only appear at midnight.

Every time it appeared, its presence precipitated a tsunami.

James spent a long while contemplating and concluded the Lunar and Terra Art, as well as the other powerful martial art techniques recorded on the stone wall, had to be destroyed.

The methods detailed on the wall contained unimaginable strength.

If someone with malicious intentions like Sky obtained this information and practiced the cultivation successfully, he would become a threat to ordinary people everywhere.

James wrote on the ground and expressed his thoughts.

Wilbur immediately disapproved.

He wrote on the ground. “That’s unacceptable. Countless people have drawn the same conclusion as you throughout the years, which caused the loss of numerous strong martial art techniques. If I did what you wanted to do years ago, you would never have been able to see such a profound cultivation method and technique.”

James wrote. “Even though you have a point, if people with malicious intentions got hold of this, it’d be a catastrophe for this world. There are many regular people living in this world. I must destroy it for the sake of their safety.”

Wilbur mulled on James‘ words for a while and saw that he had a reasonable point.

He wrote on the ground again. “Nevermind. Do as you please.”

“Thank you.”

After getting permission, James scribbled his word of thanks on the ground.

Then, James reviewed the cultivation method on the wall again.

He repeatedly read through the martial art techniques and cultivation methods to memorize them.

After reviewing it one more time to ensure he remembered everything correctly, James pulled out the Primordial Dragon Blade.


A powerful Sword Energy burst out from the Primordial Dragon Blade.

The cave began to collapse.

Wilbur quickly fled from the cave.

James also hurried out of the cave before it collapsed.


Wilbur heaved a deep sigh.

Afterward, a stream of energy flowed out from his fingers and scribbled on the ground. “It’s a pity another powerful cultivation method and several more exquisite martial art techniques will cease to exist.”

James replied in writing. “They’ve not ceased to exist yet. You and I have memorized it by heart. If we haven’t mastered it before we die, we can record it into a manual and pass it on to whoever is destined to receive it.”

“True.” Wilbur wrote again.

“By the way, where’s the dragon?”

James wrote on the ground.

He knew the dragon was in the abyss, but he did not know its precise location.

After reading James‘ words, Wilbur pointed into the deep waters and wrote. “I advise you not to think about killing the dragon. Its tail was cut off more than one thousand three hundred years ago. However, it’s still the leader of the Four Holy Beasts. It’s not going to be so easily dealt with.”

James replied, “I won’t act rashly.”


Suddenly, a burst of laughter came from the distance.

“Who’s there?”

James quickly stood on guard and stared into the distance.

A figure had appeared on a cliff.

The person was wearing a white robe and had a red mask on his face.

It was the Omniscient Deity who had rushed over.

With a flash, the person disappeared from the cliff and quickly flew into the abyss, appearing before James and Wilbur in an instant.

His speed was so fast that James did not even have the time to react.


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