The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1754

Chapter 1754

The Omniscient Deity was fast as lightning. James did not even have a chance to react before the Omniscient Deity appeared in front of him.

He took a few steps back in shock.

Wilbur glared at the uninvited guest with a solemn expression.

He parted his lips and murmured a few strange words.

“Old Ignobarian?”

Hearing this, the Omniscient Deity was startled.

The Omniscient Deity immediately understood Wilbur’s origin- an Ignobar martial artist from a thousand

years ago.

As a person who had lived for nearly 2,000 years, the Omniscient Deity was proficient in languages from all over the world, and this included some ancient tongues.

However, he said nothing to Wilbur.

The Omniscient Deity’s eyes were glued on James.

It was rumored that James had died, but he was alive and well on the island.

James stared at the Omniscient Deity who was wearing a red mask, and asked, “Who are you? What’re you here for?”


The Omniscient Deity chuckled and said, “You don’t have to know who I am. I’m not here for you. I’m here

for him.”

While speaking, he pointed at Wilbur.

Then, he began to speak in an ancient language and suddenly made a gesture inviting Wilbur to attack him.

Wilbur understood the uninvited guest had come to challenge him. Thus, he motioned for James to step back. With his hands behind him, Wilbur looked straight at the Omniscient Deity.

James understood Wilbur’s intentions and quickly backed away.

Wilbur looked at the Omniscient Deity and said, “…”

The Omniscient Deity replied,

James standing nearby, was dumbfounded by the scene.

He had been with Wilbur for the past few days and heard him speak in Old Ignobarian. Although he could understand a little of it, it was limited to simple greetings. Thus, James was completely unable to

understand their conversation.

After the two exchanged a few words, they departed in the blink of an eye.

The two quickly disappeared from James‘ sight, so he promptly followed them.

He arrived at the coast.

Wilbur stood on a 100–meter–high rock. He was wearing clothes woven from tree vines and his body was

covered in hair, making him resemble a chimpanzee.

Meanwhile, the Omniscient Deity stood on the water.

Although the waves were crashing toward him, they seemed to not touch him at all.

James appeared nearby and watched the two of them.

At that moment, an extremely potent energy rose from the Omniscient Deity’s body.

His energy caused the waves behind him to crash in the opposite direction.

Wilbur stood on a tall rock.

Suddenly, the Omniscient Deity quickly dashed at Wilbur.

He moved like greased lightning.

The Omniscient Deity was so fast that James could not clearly see his movements. In the blink of an eye, he had appeared in front of Wilbur, raised his hand, and thrust his palm at Wilbur.

Wilbur’s body flickered.

The forceful palm attack slammed into the 100–meter–high rock.

The rock disintegrated instantly, turning into a pile of rubble. Meanwhile, a deep pit appeared on the ground.

“What terrifying power.”

Their fight left James speechless

One simple move already contained such destructive strength behind it.

At that moment, Wilbur charged over.

He was also moving at high speeds, and his palm technique was one that James had never seen before. As he thrust his palm forward, multiple illusory palms formed.

The masked Omniscient Deity raised his hand and called forth a powerful force in his palm. Then, he appeared behind Wilbur and threw his fist forward.

With one attack, the skies began to rumble. The intense force triggered a tsunami.

A dazzling white light burst out from Wilbur’s body and quickly gathered behind him, forming a strong shield and defending him from the Omniscient Deity’s punch.


Even though James was standing far from the battle, he heard a clear creaking sound

Wilbur’s True Energy shield was unable to resist the Omniscient Deity’s attack.


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