The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1755

Chapter 1755

Wilbur retreated hastily, and a trickle of blood appeared on the corner of his lips.

“Aghh!!!” he bellowed.

As he shouted, his long black hair floated in the air, and his dark eyes turned crimson.

“An Energy Deviation?!”

In the distance, James let out a horrified gasp after seeing this scene.

He knew how terrifying Wilbur was during an Energy Deviation.

Under the effects of the Energy Deviation, Wilbur beat him to the point where he could not fight back.

The Omniscient looked at him, and a faint smile appeared under the mask. “It seems he still hasn’t dispelled the negative effects brought on by the dragon’s blood. Although he’s immortal, he can’t allow himself to be provoked or feel negative emotions. Otherwise, he’ll lose all reasoning and get driven to insanity.”

The Omniscient knew Wilbur’s strength would increase after entering his berserk state.

It was exactly what he wanted. His whole trip would have been in vain if Wilbur’s strength was only as he had displayed previously.

“Sword…” Wilbur roared.

He only shouted one word.

The pronunciation of this word sounded almost Solean.

As his voice resounded, a sword broke out of a rock and dashed out from the Dragon’s Abyss within the

thick forest in the distance.

James saw a Sword Light rushing into the sky from a distance, then they hurtled toward Wilbur’s open palm.

Finally, James could clearly see the sword in Wilbur’s hand.

It was a long sword. The blade was white, and about three meters long, radiating with a dazzling white light.

Wilbur immediately displayed his terrifying swordsmanship with his sword. He lunged at the Omniscient Deity, aiming for his head.

The Omniscient Deity tilted his head slightly to dodge the strike. Then, he raised his hand abruptly to strike at Wilbur’s wrist. However, Wilbur was able to avoid it and turn his sword around, aiming for the Omniscient Deity’s head again.

The Omniscient Deity was a skillful man. Thus, he was bold enough to attempt to catch the long sword.

His five fingers bent to form a claw and generated a potent force in his palm, allowing him to forcibly grab onto the sword’s tip.

At that moment, Wilbur quickly withdrew his sword.

The two had an intense battle.

In just a short moment, they exchanged dozens of moves.

James was captivated by their rapid movements.

Wilbur’s sword techniques were extraordinary.

However, the Omniscient Deity could parry them with his bare hands and continued to counterattack.



The boulders around the sea were constantly shattered by their terrible forces.

The massive shockwaves swept across the sea and caused a tsunami. Enormous waves about several

meters to more than ten meters high kept crashing into the coast.

James‘ blood ran cold as he watched the battle.

He thought he was already relatively powerful and assumed he was on top of the martial artist’s pyramid. However, seeing Wilbur and the masked Omniscient Deity fight, he realized how weak he was.

Out of these two, any one of them could easily suppress him in battle.

“Blazing Palm!”

In the distance, the masked Omniscient Deity shouted.

As he shouted, he quickly threw his fists into the air.

Dozens of illusory fists descended from the sky, dashing toward Wilbur.

Wilbur swung his sword in the air, and an elegant Sword Energy materialized to resist the fist attacks, dispersing them.

However, the fist attacks constantly fell from the sky, and even James was not confident in blocking every single one.

Wilbur kept waving his sword. Every time he swung out his sword, a burst of Sword Energy would dash forward to meet the onslaught of fist attacks.


The ground trembled.

Even the sky seemed to be affected by the terrifying force of the explosions. From a distance, the sky looked blurred, and the surroundings seemed slightly distorted.


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