The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1756

Chapter 1756

James was mesmerized.

Despite that, he still watched the fight intently. These two people were top martial artists, so learning something from their battle would benefit him for the rest of his life.

At that moment, Wilbur’s body charged at his opponent with blinding speed and appeared above the Omniscient Deity. Immediately afterward, his body and the sword lined up vertically and plunged toward the Omniscient Deity.

The Omniscient Deity quickly anticipated the attack, raised his hand, and was about to grasp the sword with his fingers.

Unexpectedly, Wilbur suddenly changed his trajectory.


James saw some subtle hints alluding to it.

“It’s the Heaven and Earth Sword Art.”

It was one of the martial art techniques recorded on the stone wall.

The Heaven and Earth Sword Art was a top–notch sword technique.

The Omniscient Deity did not expect Wilbur’s sudden move change and was unable to react in time.

Before he could react, the sword had already pierced him. He tried to dodge but was a step too late. His arm had been struck leaving a bloody, gushing wound.


The Omniscient Deity laughed.

His laughter rang out throughout the area.

The face under his mask was elated.

It had been so many years.

No one was able to kill him.

Now, someone was finally capable of injuring him.

His blood was boiling.

His lonely heart had found excitement again.

Wilbur was strong enough to hurt him. Finally a worthy opponent he could bring all his strength to bear against.

“Young man, lend me your sword.”

The Omniscient Deity opened his mouth and addressed James with a low voice.

As soon as James heard him, the Omniscient Deity had already appeared before him.

Before he could even respond, the Omniscient Deity had already reached out and snatched the Primordial Dragon Blade from his hand.

James was in disbelief.

The Omniscient Deity snatched his sword, and James was unable to refuse. How strong was this person?

The Omniscient Deity unsheathed the Primordial Dragon Blade.

Suddenly, a terrifying force spewed forth from the Primordial Dragon Blade. The Omniscient Deity felt a burning sensation on his palm, which almost caused him to release his grip on the sword and toss it away.

“Damn it.” he hissed.

“Calm down.”

He summoned his True Energy and used it to forcibly suppress the Primordial Dragon Blade resistance.

The sword shone with a dazzling golden light and emitted stronger energy.

Even the Omniscient Deity could hardly resist the force.

“What a remarkable sword.”

The Omniscient Deity was amazed.

While shocked, he quickly mobilized his True Energy, which flowed into the Primordial Dragon Blade to suppress the sword’s energy. He forcibly brandished the Primordial Dragon Blade and rushed at Wilbur in the distance.

James could only watch helplessly.

Even Sky was not able to control the Primordial Dragon Blade.

However, this masked man could somehow control it.

There were countless questions in his heart.

“Who’s this person?

“He spoke Solean, so he’s probably from Sol. Was there such a strong man within Sol?”

James tried to guess the mysterious man’s identity, but since he was wearing a mask, James could not clearly see his face. As such, James never suspected the person of being Jade Sect’s leader.

The Omniscient Deity held onto the Primordial Dragon Blade and displayed a set of ferocious sword techniques.

It was bizarre but powerful.

He swung the sword, causing mountains to collapse and the ground itself to crack.

Although Wilbur was using the Heaven and Earth Sword Art, he was pushed back and could not continuously dodge the attacks.


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