The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1757

Chapter 1757

James watched the battle from a distance.

The intense battle lasted for more than three hours.

For the past three hours, both the Omniscient Deity and Wilbur had displayed many unique sword techniques that James had never seen before.

James was greatly inspired by what he saw.

Although he had seen the First Sword Art in King Quavon’s Mausoleum, the requirements to practice the sword technique were extremely rigorous. He barely achieved the requirements to learn it.

After watching the fight between the two, he reached a new understanding of the First Sword Art.

Three hours later…


A flash of Sword Light cut through the sky.

The Omniscient Deity sped toward Wilbur with the Primordial Dragon Blade and pressed the sword against Wilbur’s neck.

However, the Omniscient Deity did not proceed past that point.

He quickly pulled back the Primordial Dragon Blade and tossed it at James.

James quickly grabbed onto it.

The Omniscient Deity stood on the sea’s surface with his hands behind him. He looked at Wilbur, who was still in a berserk state. Behind the mask, he remained calm as he said, “…”

James could not understand the ancient language he spoke.

At that moment, Wilbur gradually came back to his senses.

His hair was disheveled, and he sustained many injuries.

There was also a wound on his back that was still bleeding.

He quickly took action to stop the bleeding.

Wilbur looked at the Omniscient Deity and asked coldly,”

The Omniscient Deity said, “…”

After the brief conversation, the Omniscient Deity turned around and promptly vanished from Wilbur and James’ sight.

After the Omniscient Deity had left, Wilbur wore a solemn expression as he slowly walked toward the shore.

James promptly walked toward him and wrote on the beach sand. “Who was that? What were you both talking about?”

Wilbur gently shook his head, stretched out his hand, and used some energy to reply on the sand. “I don’t know who he is. He told me he killed the qilin and acquired its blood and core. He’s a ninth-ranked grandmaster. Perhaps, he might even have entered a rank that even I don’t know of.

“Ever since I practiced the Atraxia technique you taught me, I can retain a part of my sanity during an

Energy Deviation.

“I could tell he wasn’t using full strength during our fight. Meanwhile, I was going all out in battle. To him, it seemed like a game. Throughout the whole fight, he held back. He had several opportunities to kill me but never used them. After everything, he told me I was strong and asked me to continue working hard. Also, he said he’ll come to find me for another fight one day and that I shouldn’t let him down next time so he can have a thrilling battle.”

Seeing the words Wilbur had scribbled, James looked into the distant horizon.

“Who the hell is that guy? Was there such a terrifying martial artist hiding within Sol’s territory? This world sure is full of hidden mysteries.

“He killed the qilin and acquired its blood and core? That’s insane.”

James could not help but draw a sharp breath.

Wilbur said he could have surpassed the ninth rank and entered an unprecedented realm.

Was there really another rank beyond the ninth rank?

James was puzzled.

Was the ninth rank not the pinnacle of martial arts?

However, after thinking about it, James felt it made sense.

Martial arts knew no bounds.

The fact that it was unprecedented was not the same as not existing.

If even mythical creatures like dragons and phoenixes existed, then a tenth or eleventh rank could undoubtedly exist.

Thinking of these, James took a deep breath.

“How are you? Are you alright?”

He looked at the injured Wilbur and wrote on the ground. “I have some knowledge of medicine. Let’s head back to the Dragon Abyss first. I’ll find some herbs and bandage the wounds for you later.”

Wilbur wrote on the ground. “Mhm. Okay.”

Afterward, the two left the beach together and headed to the Dragon’s Abyss.

After James checked on Wilbur’s injuries, he went out to look for herbs.


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