The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1758

Chapter 1758

In Cansington, at the Callahans’ villa, it had been a day since Thea had returned.

She fought with the Thunder King on Mount Ludis, and her arm had gotten injured during the battle.

After returning to Cansington, Thomas treated her wound. He wrapped her arm in gauze. Since she had strong True Energy, her body’s recovery abilities were also robust, so the injury on her arm had almost healed.

Thomas also stayed in the Callahans’ villa.

The Callahans knew Thomas was James’ grandfather. As such, they treated him with great respect.

At that moment, Thea and Thomas sat in the villa’s living room after everyone else had left the house.

Thomas looked at Thea and asked, “Thea, do you have any plans or thoughts on how to go about slaying the dragon?”

Hearing this, Thea frowned.

She had no intention of slaying the dragon.

Her objective was to find James and to ascertain whether he was dead or alive.

However, Thomas was James’ grandfather, which meant he was also her grandfather-in-law. This meant she could not blatantly refuse his wishes. After thinking about it for a while, she replied, “I don’t have any ideas, Grandpa. Do you have any plans? Tell me if you do, and I’ll relay the order.”

Thomas thought for a while and said, “This is what I think. We’ll bring eighth-ranked grandmasters with us. Also, you can go to the military region to see if you can borrow some high-tech weapons from the Blithe King.”

“I’m afraid that’s not going to work.”

Thea immediately refused and said, “I’m not close with the Blithe King. How will he just lend us high-tech weapons?”

Once again, Thomas closed his eyes in thought before saying, “How about this instead? You go to Donovan, the Blithe family head. The Blithe King is an ordinary member in their family, so he’ll definitely obey orders from Donovan.”

To kill the dragon, Thomas was meticulous in every aspect.

Killing the Spirit Turtle was child’s play compared to the dragon.

This time, it was necessary to bring high-tech weapons. Otherwise, their entire squad could be wiped out. “Alright.”

Thea did not know how to decline Thomas. Thus, she could only concede to his plans, saying, “When are you planning to depart? I’ll go and ask Donovan about it.”

He rubbed his chin for a second and said, “We’ll continue to make a few more preparations and set off next Monday.”

Thea took out her phone and looked at the screen. It was Wednesday, so they still had time before it was Monday.

Thomas continued. “How about we gather all the martial artists that have arrived in Cansington and hold a detailed briefing.”

“Okay. I’ll go arrange for it instantly.”

Thea got up and left.

That night, countless martial artists from all over the world gathered in Cansington Hotel.

Thea stood on the stage and looked at the martial artists. Then, she said, “Fellow martial artists, we will depart for the island next Monday to slay the dragon! Does anyone have any objections? If so, you may raise your concerns right now.”

The martial artists cheered excitedly at Thea’s declaration.

“Are we finally going to slay the dragon?”

“We’ll obtain immortality after the dragon is dead!”

“We’ll be able to live for an eternity!”

Many people secretly discussed it among themselves.

“Since there aren’t any objections, it’s decided. Next week, Monday, we’ll take a cruise ship at the port and head out to sea in the morning.”

Thea’s voice resounded.

“Also, for the sake of everyone’s safety, we won’t have everyone participate in this mission. Only eighth- ranked grandmasters are eligible to join us. Of course, I won’t force anyone to partake in this dragon- slaying mission. If you’re unwilling to come, you’re not obligated to join. So, just to make sure, I’d like to ask if any eighth-ranked grandmasters are unwilling to join?”

Thea’s gaze slowly swept over the crowd.

Simon from Mount Thunder Sect stood up and said, “I’m going! Why not?”

Bennett from the Cadens also spoke out. “I’m coming too. I’d like to see the battle for myself.”



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