The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1759

Chapter 1759

Xavi from the Lees also followed suit. “I’m definitely coming. I’d like to see what the dragon looks like and whether it’s as the legends make it out to be.”

Tanner, who used to be a member of Gu Sect’s three major families, stood up and said, “I’ll participate.”

Callan said with a smile, “I must go. I believe James is still alive. I have to go check on him.”

Sylvan Sect’s Master Maha, Heaven and Earth Sect’s Spirit Master, and some international martial artists began sharing their thoughts.

All of them expressed willingness to embark on the journey.

Ultimately, Thea fixed her eyes on Donovan from the Blithes and walked toward him.

Donovan stood up immediately.

He could not behave arrogantly in front of Thea.

Not only was she Celestial Sect’s leader, but she was also now the Great Grandmaster of the whole martial community. She currently holds an immense amount of prestige.

“Ms. Thea, why’re you staring at me like that? Please stop. You’re making me anxious,” Donovan said after standing up.

Thea walked to Donovan and smiled, saying, “Mr. Blithe, you don’t have to be nervous. I only want to ask for a little favor.”

Donovan replied, “Go ahead, Ms. Thea.”

Thea was straightforward. “It happens that the dragons are very strong. Although those joining us are powerful martial artists, I’m still worried for everyone’s safety. Thus, I am considering bringing some high- tech weapons on our journey. Unfortunately, these weapons are under the possession of the country. I’d like to ask you to obtain some high-tech weapons from the Blithe King.”

Donovan replied with a troubled expression, “Thea, that’s too much to ask of me. Although I’m capable of giving orders to the Blithe King, he’s still one of Sol’s Five Commanders. Moreover, you’ll need more than his permission alone to take out high-tech weapons. He’ll have to submit an application that requires the approval of other higher authorities. Plus, our country has strict rules on the use of high-tech weapons. It’ll cause a huge international uproar if news of Sol deploying high-tech weapons gets out.”


Thea was rendered speechless and turned to Thomas,

Thomas thought for a while, then approached Thea, whispering, “Since Donovan can’t get it done, ask Henry for help.”

“Mhm. I’ll give it a try.” Thea nodded.

Since she’s the Great Grandmaster, it was her duty to bring these people back home safely. She refused to let them lose their lives abroad.

After a brief discussion, Thea left and drove directly to the House of Royals.

Henry had been living in the House of Royals in recent times.

His wedding date was approaching, and he had been busy preparing for it these past few days. “Thea.”

Seeing Thea show up, Henry immediately greeted her respectfully. Then, his face filled with sorrow as he said, “About James, I…”

Thea gently waved her hand and said, “I’m not here to see you about James.”

“What is it, Thea?”

Thea said, “James traveled abroad to investigate the dragon…”

“By the way.”

Henry suddenly came to a realization and asked in shock, “Thea, h-have you recovered your memories?” “Mhm. It’s already been a few days.”

Thea nodded and continued. “James headed overseas to investigate the dragon, and Sky said a strange man killed him. I don’t believe that James is already dead. I’m planning to lead some people to where he was. There are two reasons. One is to slay the dragon. The second is to find James. However, the dragon is powerful, and I’ll need some high-tech weapons to use against it. Could you use your authority to get me some weapons?”


Henry wore a troubled look.

Although he was the Emperor and had a significant amount of authority, using it to acquire high-tech weapons for personal use was not something that was easily pardoned.

After contemplating for a while, he replied, “I can’t guarantee I’ll get them for you, but I can try asking the retired King about it. Although he has stepped down from his position, he’s still currently assisting the new King. If I mention that it’s for James, he’ll probably be willing to help.”

“Mhm. That’ll be great.”

Thea nodded slightly.

“By the way, how long will it take for you to return? Whitney and I are having our wedding soon, and we’re hoping for both you and James to attend.”

Thea shook her head slightly and said, “I don’t know. I think we won’t be back in time.”

“It’s alright. I’ll be glad as long as James comes back alive. I’m still waiting to attend your wedding ceremony!”

Thea looked at the House of Royals in a daze.


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