The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1763

Chapter 1763

Her breathy voice was pleasant to the ears, making one feel at ease.

She stood beside Thea, and the sea breeze tousled her long hair.

Maxine stretched out her slender fingers to tidy up her long chestnut-colored hair that was blown by the wind. She looked into the distance and sighed. “I hope you don’t resent me.”

“I don’t resent you.”

Thea was expressionless and replied very calmly.

Although she did not show any emotion, her tone was very cold and sounded very distant.


Maxine sighed.

She knew Thea was angry with her.

After all, her interference caused so many unexpected situations.

“I didn’t expect James’ love for you to be so deep. After searching a year for you and learning you were alive without your memories, he traveled this vast ocean to investigate the dragon’s whereabouts. I, too, – hope that James is still alive.”

“I’m a little tired. I’ll head back inside to rest.”

Thea turned around and left.

Maxine’s words about hoping James was alive had struck a nerve.

Thea could not resist the sadness welling up in her chest.

As she turned around, crystal-clear teardrops fell from her eyes.

Maxine stood at the ship deck and remorsefully watched Thea leave.

The cruise ship continued chugging on rapidly.

In the blink of an eye, three days had passed.

They finally reached their destination.

Although it would only take one day by air, it took them three whole days to travel via a cruise ship.

At that moment, many people gathered on the cruise ship’s deck.

Standing in the front was Sky.

He glanced at the many islands before them and said excitedly, “It’s over there! It’s that island over there! James and I got off the plane on that island. The plane landed there, and we chose to head to the island where the Dragon’s Abyss was located by boat.”

The cruise ship slowly docked and stopped at one of the island’s coastlines.

The crowd gathered together and began to discuss their plan.

Thea said, “The cruise ship will be docked here. Unless absolutely necessary, it’s forbidden to get

anywhere close to the Dragon’s Abyss, nor are we to use lethal high-tech weapons.

“We’ll take the boats available on the cruise ship to the Dragon’s Abyss.

“Any objections?”

Thea scanned the crowd.

“No.” Everyone spoke in unison.


Thea continued. “I hope everyone will work together to slay the dragon when the time comes. After it’s dead, everyone will get an equal share of the spoils. I hope it doesn’t end up similar to the fight that ensued when everyone was trying to snatch the Spirit Turtle’s core.”

No one objected, as splitting the spoils equally was the best outcome.

Ultimately, they would each have to rely on their own strength to make off with their own share of the spoils that were not divided equally.

After a brief discussion, everyone boarded the boats loaded on the cruise ship, and headed to the island where the Dragon’s Abyss was located.

The boats were relatively small, and each could only accommodate three to four people.

Thea and Thomas were in the same boat.

On the way to the Dragon’s Abyss, Thomas chided her, “Thea you’re too naive. Although they seem to be listening to you right now, it’ll all change the moment the dragon is dead. Everyone will inevitably get into an intense battle over the spoils.”

Thea was well aware of that.

However, as their leader, she must ensure their safe return no matter what.

She looked at Thomas and said pleadingly, “Grandpa, I won’t be able to control the others, but I hope you don’t harm anyone over the dragon’s spoils.”


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