The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1764

Chapter 1764

Thea knew these martial artists that came to the island with her had their own motives and were eyeing the dragon’s spoils.

She did not want to see a fight break out.

She planned to bring everyone back home safely.

However, there was nothing she could do if things went beyond her ability to handle them.

Thomas looked at Thea. Seeing her pitiful appearance, he felt sympathy for her.

He sighed. “Thea, you’re still too naive. Putting everyone else aside, Sky and the Thunder King aren’t going to defer to you. They’re obeying your commands right now just to slay the dragon.

“Once the dragon is dead, they will take action.”

Hearing this, Thea went silent.

Right now, she could not care less about the ancient martial world’s affairs.

She only cared to ensure the soldiers on the cruise ship got to return home alive and in one piece.

As for these ancient martial artists who decided to quarrel for the dragon blood, it had nothing to do with


She did not say anything more.

The boat continued its rapid pace.

Meanwhile, James sat by a rock near the coast on the island with a piece of straw in his mouth as he watched the crashing waves.

Soon, a few boats appeared in the distance. He stood up excitedly and exclaimed, “They’re coming! They’re finally coming!”

After rejoicing for a moment, he eventually calmed down.

He had no idea who the people on the boat were.

There was no telling whether they would actually be able to take down the dragon, and no one could predict whether a fight would break out over the dragon’s spoils.

James quickly turned around and met up with Wilbur.

He wrote on the ground. “People are coming, many of them. They’re likely here to slay the dragon. Let’s hide first.”

Seeing the words written by James, Wilbur stood up instantly and began writing on the ground. “Are you


“I’m certain.”

Wilbur did not waste any time and quickly left the area.

James followed behind him.

The two hid in advance before the boats could reach the island.

Soon, the boats docked.

The martial artists got off the boat one after another.

Thea got off the boat and scanned her surroundings. They were at the location where Sky filmed the video of James falling into the sea.

She turned around and looked at Sky behind her, asking, “Where did you meet the strange, hairy man?”

“In the Dragon Abyss at that mountain up ahead.” Sky pointed in front of them.

Thea turned around and was about to leave in the direction Sky pointed.

Thomas quickly stepped in front of her and blocked her path, saying, “What’re you doing, Thea? Are you trying to get everyone killed?”

“I’m going to find James! I’ll find that hairy man and question him!” Thea shouted.

She did not come to the island to slay the dragon but to find James.

Thomas persuaded. “Thea, you need to calm down first. Since we’re already here, we should check out the place first. If you recklessly take action, you’ll only alert him. Even James wasn’t able to stand up to him, so this person must be a ninth-ranked grandmaster. We’ll have to proceed with a plan.”

“I’m not afraid,” Thea replied loudly.

She refused to be reasoned with.

Only James occupied her mind.

Holding the Malevolent Sword, she quickly rushed forward.

“This girl.” Thomas followed with a helpless expression.

The group of martial artists was not afraid of the ninth-ranked grandmaster.

What was a mere ninth-rank martial artist against dozens of them?

No matter how strong, the party with the larger number would come out triumphant.

The world’s top powerhouses were gathered here. Together, they could even defeat two ninth-ranked grandmasters.

Thea quickly sped forward and soon appeared in the Dragon’s Abyss.

Sky followed her and pointed out the way for her.


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