The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1771

Chapter 1771

The powerful attack caused an explosion enough to distort the space around them, making them feel like they were in an unreal dimension.

At that moment, the others continued to attack

They unleashed Sword Energies at the cyan dragon from a distance.

The dragon’s scale continuously shredded, exposing its frightening red, bloody flesh.

Despite being injured, the dragon was still powerful, and its aura grew increasingly vigorous.

It kept attacking and dashing toward the martial artists.

After missing an attack, the dragon set its target on a psychic and dashed toward him in a sudden motion.

Knowing that he could not dodge the attack in time, the psychic activated a white halo to protect himself. He was planning on relying on his psychic power to resist the dragon’s attack.

The cyan dragon flew toward him, swung its claw, and grabbed onto the psychic. Crack!

The white protective shield around the psychic was destroyed instantly.

His face went pale, and his eyes widened in fear. He shouted, “Captain, save…”

Before he could finish speaking, the dragon’s claw crushed him into a bloody pile of flesh.

Seeing this scene, the martial artists were startled and quickly retreated, maintaining a certain distance from the dragon.

“Damn it,” the Thunder King cursed furiously

“F*cker.” Linna’s expression darkened.

The Thunder King summoned lightning and continued to attack

Linna also unleashed her flames. In an instant, the flames materialized and surrounded the dragon.

Although the flames were not dealing substantial damage to the dragon, judging from the dragon’s growls, they were still hurting it

At that moment, the other martial artists seized the opportunity and charged at the dragon.

More than a dozen long swords pierced into the dragon’s exposed body, where its scales had already Tallen off.

The moment the long swords pierced into its body, the dragon was enraged. Suddenly, an intense force erupted from it and sent the martial artists around it flying.

“Quick! Unleash your signature techniques!”

After being blasted into the distance. Thomas spurted a mouthful of blood. Before he could wipe away the blood from his lips, he shouted, “The dragon’s already injured, so stop saving your energy! If we don’t kill it now, we’ll never get a second chance!”

Everyone could see that the dragon was injured.

However, the energy emanating from the dragon was too strong, and they did not dare to approach it.

The dragon suddenly unleashed its breath.

One of the martial artists was careless and got swept up by the cyan energy ball spat out by the dragon. Before he could even scream, he was reduced to nothing.

The other martial artists were wary after witnessing the dragon’s strength

Although the dragon’s blood and essence were treasures, they would need to live to obtain them.

“Damn it.”

Seeing that everyone was retreating. Thomas cursed out.

He had been preparing for a long time to slay the dragon. He refused to give up now that they were so close to killing it. He had to step up and take action first. Only then could he convince the others to follow suit and persuade them to go all out to kill the dragon.

“Sword Storm!”

Thomas roared out

Suddenly, he appeared above the cyan dragon.

He let go of the Malignant Sword, allowing it to float in front of him.


A loud buzzing sound echoed throughout the sky

A Sword Energy burst out from the Malignant Sword.

One became two, two became four, and four became eight…

In an instant, hundreds of Sword Energies surrounded the Malignant Sword.


Thomas casually waved his hand.

The Malignant Sword dashed toward the dragon below him.

Following the Malignant Sword, the hundreds of Sword Energies also charged at the dragon with immense power.


Everyone was shocked by Thomas’ signature martial technique.


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