The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1772

Chapter 1772

The hundreds of Sword Energies charged toward the dragon with destructive and terrifying power.

Sky squinted his eyes at the sight

He was taken aback by Thomas’ Sword Storm. With shock in his eyes, he murmured, “What kind of sword Technique is that?”

Everyone retreated.

Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt!

The Sword Energies cut through the sky and made loud sizzling sounds


The Sword Energies struck the cyan dragon’s body and exploded, causing its scales to burst open and the dragon to bleed.

The dragon’s massive body plummeted from the sky and fell onto a collapsed mountain.

The mountain broke down and submerged into the sea along with the dragon’s body.

Suddenly, a stream of water shot up from the sea.

The dragon soared up into the sky once again. It was furious and had crimson eyes. With a dazzling light radiating from its body, it swung its claw at Thomas, and several streaks of cyan light burst out from its


Thomas raised the Malignant Sword to resist.

However, his strength was inferior to that of the dragon.

He was blasted away and spurted out a mouthful of blood again.

At that moment, several masked men rushed over to him. They resisted the attacks together but were no match for the dragon and were forced to keep retreating.

Thomas stepped back for a moment and took out an elixir. He consumed it and quickly retreated to a safe area. Then, he shouted, “If we don’t make a move now, when are we going to?”

As his voice resounded, Thea immediately struck

Holding the Malevolent Sword, she plunged her sword into the dragon’s side with great strength to attract the dragon’s attention. The dragon turned around and attacked Thea, relieving the masked men.

Seeing this, the others charged forward and unleashed their signature martial techniques on the cyan dragon.

James also joined in the fight.

He unleashed the unrivaled Fourteen Heavenly Swords.

Thirteen dazzling Sword Energies merged into one potent Sword Energy

The sword slashed the cyan dragon.

However, it merely took off some of the cyan dragon’s scales and did not cause substantial damage.

His attack was not as strong as Thomas’ Sword Storm.

After James landed his attack, he ran out of energy.

Seeing that he did not deal much damage to the dragon, he touched his nose and murmured, “Although I’m of a higher rank than Grandpa, I’m incapable of dealing as much damage as Grandpa did to the cyan dragon. Grandpa sure has hidden his strength well. ”

At that moment, Thomas appeared in front of James and quickly took out a few pills, saying, “These pills can help quickly restore your True Energy. Have them and step aside for now.”


James had lost his combat strength and could no longer continue fighting.

He quickly stepped away

After retreating to a safe area, he swallowed the pills.

Immediately, a surge of energy permeated his body and relieved him.

His True Energy rapidly recovered. In just a few minutes, he had recovered about one-tenth of it “Amazing” He could not help but marvel.

While recovering his True Energy, he paid close attention to the battle happening in the distance. Although the dragon was injured, it grew increasingly vicious as the fight played out.

Several martial artists, psychics, and foreign powerhouses had fallen, while others were injured

Thea retreated and appeared before James


She spurted out a mouthful of blood.

James quickly approached her and asked, “Are you alright?”

Thea shook her head and said. “It’s nothing serious. It’s just my churning Blood Energy. The cyan dragon

is far too overpowering. Even with so many of us attacking it at the same time, many have died, while

those left are injured. If this goes on, I’m afraid our whole squad will be wiped out.”

James asked, “Didn’t you prepare high-tech weapons?”


Thea nodded and said, T’ll notify them right away

As she spoke, she took out her phone and notified the cruise ship’s captain.

“Bring the cruise over. Do it quick”

After passing on the order, she stopped to treat her wounds.


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