The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1776

Chapter 1776

An eighth-ranked grandmaster died just like that.

James finally realized the battle’s cruelty

The dragon was still full of energy

More people would die if the battle was prolonged.

James did not pay much attention to the battle in the distance. The lives and deaths of these people had nothing to do with him. Instead, he hoped these people would die here so that no one would cause trouble in the future

The world would finally be at peace

He looked at Thea.

Thea was injured by the dragon and had severe wounds all over her body as well as some internal injuries. Fortunately, he had mastered using Crucifier and could help treat Thea’s internal injuries.

There were only a few physical injuries left

With Thea’s strength, those external injuries would not pose a threat.

“Thea, don’t rush back into the battle. Restore your strength first. According to my estimation, the dragon isn’t going to die any time soon. We can’t predict how many more people will be killed by the dragon. We should save our strength”

With that said, he took out the pill he got from Thomas and handed it to Thea

Thea took the pill and swallowed it

Then, she began to refine the pill to restore her True Energy

James did not stay idle and quickly began to recover his True Energy too.


The fierce battle continued on the distant island.

Swords cut through the sky, and several figures flickered.

The dragon was furious, and it destroyed everything in its way. Mountains were crushed, and boulders. exploded due to the force, reduced to rubble.

Langston held the Primordial Dragon Blade and attacked with great speed, causing the other martial artists to watch him in awe

He appeared under the cyan dragon in an instant and slashed the sword.

The sharp Primordial Dragon Blade severed one of the cyan dragon’s claws

The dragon was furious.

It raised its head and spewed out a wave of blue energy

Langston raised the sword and slashed again. A terrifying Sword Energy erupted and scattered the cyan energy wave.

As the cyan energy spread out, he suffered a backlash from the powerful force and was forced backward.

Suddenly, Wilbur appeared above the dragon’s head and pierced his long sword into its head.

The cyan dragon flicked its head and sent Wilbur flying.

In the distance, the Thunder King commanded several psychics to continue throwing long-range attacks at the dragon.

The other martial artists from Sol and international powerhouses continuously looked for opportunities to inflict damage on the dragon. While inflicting damage, they also took out some vessels to collect the dragon’s blood where it was wounded.

At this point of the fight, everyone except Thea, James, and Thomas, who was thrown into the sea, had obtained some of the dragon’s blood.

The battle had gotten even more intense

In the blink of an eye, half an hour had passed

At that moment, the cruise ship had already shown up around the island but kept a certain distance. “Honey, the cruise ship is here. Should we launch the high-tech weapons?”

After receiving a call from the captain, Thea asked for James’ opinion.

James took a look at the battle in the distance. At that moment, the dragon’s energy had weakened significantly There were still many surviving martial artists. None of the people he knew were dead, and the ones dead were either people he did not know or those who had stayed hidden for a long time.

He thought for a while and said. “The dragon is already very weak. It’s injured, and its claw has been severed. Its combat strength has declined, so we should be able to kill it without the help of high-tech weapons.”

“Alright.” Thea nodded.

Then, Thea raised her phone and ordered, “Retreat from the island. Don’t get close to the battle area. Be careful not to become the dragon’s target.”


After the captain received the order, he quickly retreated

At that moment, James True Energy had almost fully recovered.

He stood up and watched the fierce battle from a distance.

Suddenly, a martial artist was hit by the force created by the dragon’s broken tail. He spurted out a mouthful of blood, and his body flew out like a ball.


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