The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1777

Chapter 1777

James rushed out quickly and caught the martial artist who had been tossed away

James brought him to a safe area, put him down, and asked, “Senior Cabral, are you alright?”

Simon’s hair was disheveled, and there was a bloody wound on his arm with blood dripping from it.

His face was pale as he replied, “Damn, that b*stard is hard to kill

After saying that, he prepared to rejoin the battle with his sword in hand.

James quickly tugged him and said, “You should treat your wounds first.”


Simon realized the dragon was about to die soon. He had to quickly treat his wound, recharge his energy. and prepare to snatch the spoils


Bolts of lightning kept sweeping across the sky.

The Thunder King stood in the distance and constantly generated lightning to attack the cyan dragon’s body where its scales had fallen. The dragon’s flesh was scorched upon being struck by the lightning.

Langston held the Primordial Dragon Blade and appeared a hundred meters above the cyan dragon’s head. He raised the sword, and a terrifying energy emanated from his body. At the same time, the sword dazzled brightly.

He dashed toward the dragon.

A bright Sword Light erupted from the Primordial Dragon Blade and slashed the cyan dragon’s neck.

The Sword Light pierced through the cyan dragon’s neck.

The cyan dragon’s huge head was cut off instantly.

Right before its head was severed, the dragon launched one last attack. It opened its mouth and spat out a black energy ball at Langston.

As the dragon’s head fell, Langston was sent flying and spurted out a mouthful of blood. He lost grip of the Primordial Dragon Blade, and it fell from the sky onto the ground.


The cyan dragon’s corpse also fell from the sky, crushing a mountain range


“The dragon is dead!”


“Finally, the beast is dead!”

After Langston severed the cyan dragon’s head, its body fell from the sky, and everyone cheered.

Everyone rushed toward the remains of the dragon

Some went for the body, while some went for the head.

Sky dashed to the dragon’s head the fastest. Immediately, he swung his long sword and slashed the

dragon’s head open.

A ball the size of a basketball flew out instantly.

The ball was cyan and radiated with cyan light.

“Haha! The Dragon Essence is mine!” Sky shouted.

He quickly picked up the Dragon Essence and was about to run away with it, but a masked man suddenly appeared behind him and pierced his body with a long sword.

The masked man also thrust his palm and attacked Sky

Sky’s body was sent flying

The masked man picked up the Dragon Essense and held it in his arms. At the same time, two other masked men appeared. The trio stood together and stared cautiously at the people surrounding them.

At the most critical moment, Thomas had appeared

The three masked men looked at him and called out respectfully, “Master.”

Thomas approached and looked at the people standing around them. He smiled faintly and said, Everyone, the dragon’s body is not far away. The dragon’s body is full of miraculous spoils. Moreover, the dragon is already dead and has plenty of fresh blood in its body right now. If you don’t collect the blood now, when will you do it? Are you going to let the dragon’s blood dry out?

The dragon’s blood can grant you immortality.

“You don’t have to fight over it. There’s a lot of dragon blood to go around.

“The Dragon Essence, on the other hand, belongs to me.”


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