The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1779

Chapter 1779

Thus, the dragon’s blood would not coagulate after being sealed.

After getting the dragon’s blood, James turned his attention to the dragon’s scales.

The dragon’s scales had powerful defensive quality. He could use it to make clothes and resist attacks from peerless martial artists.

The other martial artists also began to collect other dragon spoils.

Dragon meat, dragon bones.

Soon, the dragon’s spoils were completely divided among the martial artists

Thea was relieved that the martial artists did not get into a fierce battle after slaying the dragon.

James looked at Wilbur on the ruined island and wrote on the ground-Do you want to come back to Sol with me?

After seeing what James wrote, Wilbur shook his head slightly and wrote on the ground-Forget it. I don’t want to leave. I’m used to living alone. I don’t like crowds and like the quietness here

James wrote again-After we leave, I’m afraid no one else will ever come to this island. Are you sure you don’t want to come with me?

Wilbur shook his head, turned around, and left.

James did not insist

After everyone had acquired what they wanted, they headed back to the cruise ship.

The cruise ship slowly began its journey back to Cansington.

Sky sat pensively in his room on the cruise ship.

Before he set out, his teacher had ordered him to kill everyone.

However, it was difficult for him to make a move now that Langston, a powerful martial artist, was on board

Langston was also the reason a fierce battle did not break out after the dragon was killed. Otherwise, Sky would have been able to secretly get rid of everyone.

He sat on the bed and began thinking of a plan.

He needed to come up with a plan to kill all the overseas martial artists.

However, after thinking for a while, he had nothing

1 can only bomb the cruise ship.”

Sky’s face darkened.

Blowing up the cruise ship was the only option left.

He quietly left his room. He wanted to head to the bottom of the cruise ship. He planned to blow up the ship and leave on a boat.

Upon walking out of his room, he found Thomas standing outside his door.

Thomas looked at him and smiled. “What are you trying to do, Sky? I’m warning you not to play any tricks”

Sky smiled and said, “Why would I? I’m just bored inside my room and want to head for a walk.”

“Is that so?”

Thomas stepped closer and quickly tapped Sky’s acupoints.

Since Sky was indeed quilty, he was startled and not prepared for Thomas’ sudden movements. Thus, he could not react in time.


Sky’s expression darkened.

Thomas picked Sky up and threw him on the bed inside the room. Then, he said calmly, “Your acupoints will be unsealed when we reach Cansington Until then, just stay here.”

After Thomas finished speaking, he turned to leave

He knew that Sky would not stay idle and was probably planning to do something in secret

He had been watching Sky since they boarded the cruise ship

Meanwhile, James, Thea, and Maxine were in another room

Both James and Thea had obtained a piece of the Dragon Essence

Since Langston smashed the Dragon Essence into more than twenty pieces, even Maxine, who arrived late, obtained one

In addition, James also acquired a large bucket of dragon blood, meat, bones, and scales

On the other hand, the other martial artists divided the various dragon remains.

As for who took what, James did not know

“This is the Dragon Essence?”

James looked at the Dragon Essence in his hand.

The piece he obtained was only the size of a baby’s fist The Dragon Essence was cyan and shone with cyan glow

“This thing is capable of increasing one’s cultivation base?” James murmured

Thea replied. “Mhm Yeah. The Dragon Essence can indeed increase one’s cultivation base”

“Then, it’s useless to me. My current cultivation base has reached its limit If I want to improve it, I’ll have to break through to the ninth rank”

James thought he was invincible in this world.

After seeing the ninth-ranked grandmasters, he realized he was nowhere close to invincible.

He knew his cultivation base could be improved, but he was at his limit for the time being unless he broke through to the ninth rank

Thus, he would have to enter the ninth rank to improve his cultivation base.


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