The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1780

Chapter 1780

The Dragon Essence was temporarily useless to him since he had no idea when he would be able to enter the ninth rank

It could take ten years, maybe decades, or he might not even enter the rank after a hundred Meanwhile, Maxine was ecstatic.

She never expected to hold onto a piece of the Dragon Essence.


With her strength, she was incapable of fighting for the Dragon Essence. However, Langston’s actions allowed her to get a share of the pie. Although the piece she grabbed was smaller than James’ and Thea’s, she was still satisfied.

The Dragon Essence could significantly improve her cultivation.

At the very least, she would enter the eighth rank.

“Honey, what’s next after we return to Cansington?”

Thea leaned into James, held his hand, and snuggled into his arms, not forgetting to cast a proud look at Maxine

Her expression seemed to be showing off to Maxine that James was hers and that no matter how hard Maxine tried, she could never have James

James said with a smile, “Since you’ve recovered, I’ve no other goals. After returning to Cansington, let’s find a place no one knows about and live a normal life.”

James had already thought it through

He wanted to live in seclusion since this world’s affairs had nothing to do with him.


Thea beamed with a bright smile.

Maxine did not say anything and sensibly left the room

Meanwhile, the Meranian Psychics gathered in another room.

Three of the psychics sat together.

Eight of them left for this island, but only three of them survived. They were the Thunder King, the beautiful and s*xy Linna, and a Caucasian man who looked about forty years old.

His name was Fernando Oliver.

He was the other Meranian Psychics deputy captain,

His strength was not inferior to Linna’s

He was pretty strong, considering he survived the battle

The weak ones were slaughtered by the dragon.


Fernando looked at the Thunder King solemnly and said. “Are you just going to let the ancient martial artists of Sol return with all the dragon’s spoils? After they return and refine the dragon’s blood and essence, it wouldn’t take long for Sol to become the strongest country. When that happens, we’re going to

be restricted and suppressed.”

The Thunder King said helplessly, “What am I supposed to do? We’ve suffered heavy losses, and only three of us survived. Meanwhile, there are plenty of strong Solean martial artists that survived. I thought Thea was the strongest, but unexpectedly, several more martial artists stronger than her showed up.”

“Yeah. The Solean martial artists displayed great strength in the fight against the dragon. It would be difficult for us to kill them now,” said Linna

“Are we just going to let it end like this?”

Fernando looked reluctant to give up.

The Thunder King took a deep breath and said, “Forget it. We should be thankful they aren’t attacking us. Besides, we’ve gained quite a lot of benefits this time. After returning, we can train in seclusion and recruit ancient martial artists. Once we become ancient martial artists ourselves, coupled with our psychic abilities, we can regain power over them.”

Initially, the Thunder King wanted to wipe out the ancient martial artists.

However, the ancient martial artists showed great strength, and he had no confidence in winning a fight against them.

The cruise ship quickly sailed back to Cansington

Many martial artists were injured after the fierce battle against the dragon.

After boarding the cruise ship, they all began treating their injuries in their rooms. At the same time, they were on guard and were cautious of the other ancient martial artists in case of any ambushes.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

After three days, the cruise ship docked at Cansington’s dock.

As soon as the cruise ship came to a stop, the ancient martial artists did not bother bidding farewell to each other and quickly left with the spoils they had obtained


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