The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1784

Chapter 1784


Omniscient Deity nodded and said gently, “Rise.”

Sky stood up

He stood aside nervously

Sky remembered provoking a fight with James at the Jade Sect, and he broke out in a cold sweat. He

would never have dared to act so arrogantly on Mount Jade if he had known the Omniscient Deity was his teacher.

The Omniscient Deity remained silent.

Sky was flustered

“Sir, please let me explain. On the island, the Prince of Orchid Mountain appeared, and L

The Omniscient Deity waved his hand and said, “I know.”

Then, why have you come to see me?”

Sky looked at the Omniscient Deity.

He thought his teacher was here to scold him, but that did not seem to be the case. He was unable to read the Omniscient Deity’s intentions.

“You’ve already ascended the Skyward Stairway’s Ninth Stair and are one step away from becoming a ninth-ranked grandmaster. I’ve come to give you some advice and guidance to break into the ninth rank.” Hearing this, Sky was overjoyed. He knelt on the ground again and said, “Please guide me, Sir.”

“Get up. Don’t kneel out of the blue.”


Sky stood aside and looked at the Omniscient Deity with anticipation

The Omniscient Deity said. “The ninth rank requires one to have rich experiences in life before being able to comprehend it. You’ve lived for a long time but have too much greed. You’ll never be able to break through the rank if you don’t let go of it. You’ll step into the ninth rank once you let go of your greed.

“To eliminate the greed in your heart, you should dwell within the commoners. Find yourself a wife and have a daughter or son. Live a good life, and perhaps by the time your child grows up, you’ll realize what it takes.”

After the Omniscient Deity finished speaking, he turned around and left.

Although he was out of sight, his voice resounded.

“Remember my advice. If you want to enter the ninth rank, you can have desires, but you have to put away your greed.”

With that said, the Omniscient Deity left the villa.

After the Omniscient Deity left, Sky sat down and pondered on his teacher’s words.

Is it really impossible for me to enter the ninth rank?

“Am I really full of greed?”

Sky was not convinced..

He was sure he could enter the ninth rank if he was strong enough.

He no longer lingered and left Cansington with the dragon’s blood and essence to search for a place to meditate in seclusion. He wanted to refine the Dragon Essence and break through the ninth rank.

Sky did not believe the Omniscient Deity’s words.

Thus, he left the villa.

Meanwhile, things were lively in the House of Royals in Cansington.

Before dawn, many luxurious cars had already appeared outside the House of Royals. Many prominent figures within Cansington were waiting outside. Even bigwigs from the Capital had shown up.

Today was the Emperor, Henry’s wedding.

Moreover, his fiancee had a solid background and was a commander’s daughter

When James and Thea arrived, some big shots were already present in the House of Royals.

Henry wore a suit with a flower pin. He was warmly greeting his guests.


James walked over and greeted him from afar.


Seeing James approaching. Henry rushed over ecstatically and embraced him. Then, he laughed out loud. “I knew it! I knew you were safe and sound!”

“Alright, that’s enough. Today’s your wedding. Don’t embarrass yourself”

James pushed Henry away


Henry also greeted Thea

Thea smiled and said, “Congratulations, Henry. I’m glad that your relationship has come to this. I’ve nothing much to offer, but this is my gift to you.”

Thea took out the Dragon Essence and handed it to Henry.


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