The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1785

Chapter 1785

James was startled and said frantically. “What are you doing. Thea?”

Thea replied with a smile, “It’s useless to me. I already have the Four Holy Beasts’ blood in me. Plus,

we’ve collected so much dragon blood. It’s good enough for me to consume some of the dragon blood. The Dragon Essense will be a waste on me.”

Henry held the Dragon Essence in his hands and felt its warmth.

He could not help asking, “Thea, what is this?”

Before Thea could reply, James interjected. “This is an extraordinary treasure that martial artists worldwide risked their lives to obtain. Not long ago, powerful martial artists worldwide went through a lot of effort to kill the dragon and acquire the Dragon Essence.”

“Is this the Dragon Essence?”

Henry held up the cyan Dragon Essence in his hand with shock.

James replied, “Mhm.”

“No, this is too valuable for me to accept.” Henry immediately handed it back to Thea.

“I can’t accept this, Thea.”

Thea said, “Just take it. It’s really useless to me.”

“James, what do I do?”

Henry looked at James.

James said with a smile, “It’s a gift. You should accept it. But, you should consume it as soon as possible. If other martial artists find out about it, they’ll definitely come after you.”

With James’ permission, Henry accepted it.

“Thank you, Thea.”

Thea responded with a faint smile.

After Henry accepted the Dragon Essence, he invited James and Thea upstairs.

In the room upstairs, Whitney had already put on her wedding dress and was getting her makeup done by a makeup artist.

Seeing Whitney’s wedding dress, Thea tightened her grip on James’ hand. She glanced at him and said enviously, “Even Henry is getting married, and Whitney is wearing a wedding dress. Will I ever have the chance to wear a wedding dress in my life?”

James immediately understood Thea’s words.

“Don’t worry. I’ll hold a grand wedding for you soon.”

Thea lit up with a smile.

In fact, she did not really care about such things anymore.

She was satisfied as long as she could be with James.

James was the wedding officiant for Henry’s wedding.

The couple had their wedding under the witness of many people.

After the wedding, James bid Henry farewell and left with Thea.

The next day, David hurried down the stairs of the Callahans’ villa and said, “Mom, Dad, Grandpa! I got bad news! Thea and James disappeared.”

“What?” Lex stood up abruptly.

After eating the dragon meat the previous night, he had diarrhea and discharged a lot of toxins.

Toxins were also discharged from his pores, making him look about ten years younger. Lex knew the meat he ate for dinner was extraordinary.


David pulled out a letter and handed it to Lex.

Lex took the letter and read it.

“Dad, Mom, Grandpa. I’ll be leaving. I’m going to wander the world with James and live a life of peace.

“The meat you ate was dragon meat.

“James and I worked hard to acquire it.

“We’ve left some dragon blood in the refrigerator. The dragon’s blood can make one immortal and live forever. The dragon’s blood isn’t enough to make everyone immortal. Grandpa, please allocate it as you see fit. The dragon’s blood can be very potent, so don’t consume it before becoming a martial artist. If anything happens, I won’t be around to help.

“I also left some cultivation methods on my computer with notes on how to practice them. My computer’s password is 123456.

“Grandpa, you can take a look and practice according to the cultivation methods. Since all the Callahans have consumed the dragon meat, all your physical fitness levels should have improved significantly. Thus, it’ll be easy for all of you to cultivate True Energy. Please remember to only consume the dragon’s blood after reaching the third rank.

“Love, Thea.”

Seeing the letter left by Thea, Lex’s hands trembled uncontrollably.


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