The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1791

Chapter 1791

Meanwhile, Thea sat beside James and remained silent.

After some time, James looked at Thomas and Nicholas and said, “Grandpa, Dad, I’m not interested in participating in your plans. However, I promise I won’t get in your way. Do whatever you wish. Thea and I will be living in seclusion from now on.”

Upon hearing this, Thomas was dismayed.

“James, I really wish you can lend me a hand. You’re the only one closest to crossing into the ninth rank. Not only that, but the Cadens are besieged by enemies on all sides-the Prince of Orchid Mountain, the Omniscient Deity, and the Blood Race. We’ll all benefit greatly from slaying the dragon. Soon, many powerful martial artists will emerge. Without your help, it’ll be impossible for us to achieve our goal.”

Thomas continued, “James, I really hope you can lend me and the Cadens a helping hand. With you and Thea by our side, it’ll only be a matter of time before the Cadens dominate the world.”

Still, James was unimpressed.

He looked at Nicholas and asked, “Dad, I’ve never seen my mother, nor have I ever heard you mentioning her. Who exactly is she?”

James asked the question that had been lingering in his mind.

Upon hearing this, Nicholas fell silent. After some time, he said, “I don’t know who your mother is either.” “When I was twenty, I took in an injured woman I encountered outside the Cadens’ residence and tended to her injuries. We ended up having s*xual intercourse. However, she disappeared without a trace after giving birth to you.

“I know nothing about her background nor how she’s currently doing. Perhaps she’s still alive somewhere. “The only thing I know is her name, Xandra Lafleur.”

Nicholas said.

All these years, he had been searching for Xandra. However, he could not find her no matter how hard he tried.

“I see…”

Then, James asked, “Do you have a photograph of her?”

Nicholas rummaged through his wallet, pulled out a yellowish photo, and handed it over to James.

James scrutinized the yellowed photo. The woman in the photo was beautiful and innocent-looking. “Is she my mother?”

Pensive, James looked at the photo.

Thea leaned over to him to have a glimpse at the woman.

Then, James returned the photo to Nicholas and said, “Grandpa, Dad, please leave. I won’t accept your proposal.”

Thomas sighed in frustration. Since James was unwilling to help him out, he had no other choice but to leave with Nicholas.

Three days later, at a random village in Sol….

Every single building in this village had been destroyed. Behind the village was a mountain.

A man and a woman were holding swords in their hands.

They were James and Thea.

Thea looked at the dilapidated village and said, “Back then, I’d seen some skeletal remains in the house upon returning from farm work. Then, I lost consciousness, and the powerful aura I exuded destroyed the entire village.”

James smiled and said, “Indeed, a lot has happened over the past year. Finally, everything’s resolved.”

“Let’s go.”

Thea pulled James’ hand and said, “Let’s go to the back of the mountain and bury the Malevolent Sword and the Primordial Dragon Blade. From today onward, we will have nothing to do with the affairs of the ancient martial world.”


James nodded.

Then, they headed to the back of the mountain. There was a pond, and the two stood by the edge of the pond.

Thea tossed the Malevolent Sword into the pond. Soon, the Malevolent Sword sank into the depths of the water James followed suit and tossed the Primordial Dragon Blade into the pond as well. Then, hand in hand, the two turned to leave.


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