The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1792

Chapter 1792

Three years later, on a mountain in Sol…

A man carrying a pack basket was traversing the landscape. Holding a sickle in his hand, he wore a simple sackcloth and a pair of straw sandals. His pack basket was full of herbs he uprooted from the ground.

“Huh, what’s this herb?”

Suddenly, he saw a glimmering green light on a cliff in the distance. Although the light only glimmered for a split second, the man with impeccable eyesight could see the herb even from a hundred meters away. As he murmured, he leaped into the air and flew toward the cliff. Standing in mid-air, he simply stared at the herb.

The herb, which looked like an orchid from the outside, had bloomed a beautiful red. At that moment, he could even smell the fragrance of the herb.

The man was James, who had been living a life of seclusion for three years. Over the past three years, he had been collecting herbs in the mountains whenever he was free. In fact, he had planted all sorts of herbs around the village. All these years, he had been researching the Medical Book. He himself had no idea how advanced his medical skills now were. He only knew that he could bring anyone back to life as long as they had not breathed their last breath.

As he stared at the herb, he knew it was not an orchid. He could sense that the herb possessed a strong vitality and extremely powerful Empyrean Spiritual Energy.

Three years ago, he had obtained the Lunar and Terra Art overseas. Although he had been living a life of seclusion all this while, he still cultivated the Lunar and Terra Art. He even used the Lunar and Terra Art’s breathing method to absorb Empyrean Spiritual Energy daily. Although he remained at the peak of the Ninth Stair, the unique breathing method improved his physical capabilities. Besides, the dragon blood he consumed had also changed his body structure. So, although he was not a ninth-ranked grandmaster, his strength was comparable to one.

His cultivation over the past three years had made him more sensitive toward Empyrean Spiritual Energy. However, this was his first time finding Empyrean Spiritual Energy inside a herb. The herbs he had come across in the past were simply regular herbs.

He carefully uprooted the herb and tossed it into the pack basket.

Then, in the blink of an eye, he appeared on an empty plot of land in the distance. Humming a song, he walked downhill.

There was a wooden house at the foot of the mountain. There were animals around it. Chickens were happily clucking away in the chicken coop, while ducks were frolicking in the pond.

Not only that, but there was also a vast plantation in the area. The plantation was full of herbs that exuded a sort of scent.

“Thea, I’m back.”

James walked into the house and put the pack basket on a wooden table. Then, he took a seat and called for Thea.

Soon, the door opened.

A woman wearing a simple sackcloth walked out. Though she dressed simply, she was extraordinarily gorgeous. Also, she was pregnant.

James pressed his ear against her stomach and said with a smile, “Missing Daddy already, my dear boy?”

Thea teased him playfully, “What if she’s a girl?”

“He’s so mischievous. He’s got to be a boy.”

At that moment, movement came from inside Thea’s stomach.


James smiled and said, “He’s up to his mischievous deeds again.” A smile crept up on Thea’s face.


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