The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1794

Chapter 1794

After having a simple meal, Thea returned to her room and continued her prenatal education.

Meanwhile, James and Callan continued drinking.

After watching Thea leave, James leaned over to Callan and asked, “What happened in the ancient martial world?”

As James had not kept up with the ancient martial world’s affairs, he had no idea how much had changed. Over the past three years, he simply researched the Medical Book, martial arts, the Lunar and Terra Art, and the natural principles of the world. In essence, he had been living a life of leisure. However, it was boring and uneventful.

Reinvigorated, Callan turned to have a look at the house before whispering, “I haven’t been paying close attention to the events in the ancient martial world too. A few days ago, I heard some rumors on the street while I was out for a walk.”

Hearing this, James’ curiosity was piqued. He hurriedly asked, “Oh, just tell me about it already!”

“Calm down… This is a long story…”

Callan smoked his cigar.

“Let’s first talk about Thea’s Celestial Sect.”

“Huh?” James froze momentarily before asking, “What does Thea’s Celestial Sect have to do with this?”

Callan explained, “Three years ago, although Thea retreated into the mountains alongside you, she didn’t dissolve the Celestial Sect. She merely… forgot about the sect. I heard that the Celestial Sect now has a new leader.”

“Who?” James asked, “Who’s the current Sect Leader?”

“You’re not gonna believe this.”

“Cut the crap and tell me already…” James rolled his eyes.

Callan whispered, “Sky’s the current Sect Leader of the Celestial Sect. I heard he took over the sect half a year ago. Besides, I heard that he’s crossed into the ninth rank. Under his leadership, the Celestial Sect managed to take over a small nation and changed its name to Tacriyrus.


James froze.

He knew that Sky was an ambitious and power-hungry man. Three years ago, James searched for opportunities to get rid of him once and for all. However, the opportunity never presented itself. Three years later, Sky had become a ninth-rank martial artist and even took control of a small nation.

“That’s not all.” Callan continued, “Surely you must’ve heard of the Prince of Orchid Mountain?”


Janics nodded.

How could he not know of the Prince of Orchid Mountain? The Cadens were somewhat related to him. After all, the Grand Patriarch of the Cadens was one of the four major officials of the Prince of Orchid Mountain.

Besides, he even gifted Thea the phoenix’s blood. Three years ago, it was because of the Prince of Orchid

Mountain’s appearance that they managed to slay the dragon. Not only that, but it was also because of him that a fierce battle was avoided after the dragon was slain.

He looked at Callan and asked, “What about him?”

Callan explained, “He’s the star of the show. He took over a country in a state of deep civil strife and became its ruler. The country, now internationally known as Lothian, is quite a distance away from Sol.”

“Holy moly!”

Upon hearing this, James could not help but exclaim, “Are you saying that the Prince of Orchid Mountain, the immortal man who’s lived for a millennium, has established his own country?”

“That’s not all, James.”

Callan took a deep breath and said, “Your grandfather, Thomas, has been busy as well. He’s insane, I’m telling you. He united a dozen countries into one and established a nation known to the international community as Japura.”

“What the…”

James was dumbfounded.

He could understand if Sky and the Prince of Orchid Mountain were out under the spotlight.


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