The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1795

Chapter 1795

However, he did not expect his grandfather to be a part of this.

“Apart from that, many powerful martial artists and sects have emerged in Sol. You know Maxine Caden, don’t you?”

James looked at Callan and asked, “What happened to Maxine?”

“Huh…” Callan said, “She’s an impressive woman, I must say. Though she also obtained the Dragon Essence and the dragon’s blood, she’s kept a low profile over the past three years. She’s been in closed- door meditation all this while and seldom left her residence. Just three months ago, she suddenly appeared and announced her separation from the Cadens. She’s now known as just Maxine to the outside world. Not only that, she even established Floret Palace. She’s now known as Master of Floret Palace to the ancient martial world.”

Upon hearing this, James was lost in contemplation.

The fact that Maxine left the Cadens and established Floret Palace deeply stunned him.

“What else is there?”

James looked at Callan.

Callan continued, “Japura has been busy recently. Many powerful martial artists have shown up there, including Tobias Caden and Lucjan Owen, who were supposed to be dead. They’re now the guardians of Japura. They possess great strength. Based on the rumors on the street, they should be at the peak of the Ninth Stair.”

“What about Grandpa? How strong is he?”

James looked at Callan.

All this while, he had not been able to figure out his mysterious grandfather. He was interested in knowing how strong he was. Thomas had gained a lot while they were on the seas. He wanted to know how powerful he had become over the past three years.

“Rumors say that he’s a half step away from the ninth rank. Though he’s surpassed the Ninth Stair, he’s yet to completely cross into the ninth rank. They call people at this stage a Half-Saint. Your grandfather is now the most powerful individual below the ninth rank.”

Hearing this, James took a deep breath. He never expected so much to have happened in just three years.

“Besides, the Psychics of Merania have joined in the fun. I heard that the Thunder King, a Psychic from Merania, had a fierce battle against Thomas Caden of Japura. The Thunder King, who obtained the Dragon Essence and the dragon’s blood, has absorbed them all over the past three years. Your grandfather was almost defeated, and it was only with the utilization of the Ascendant Star Art, a martial art created by Thomas himself, that he managed to defeat the Thunder King.”

“What about the Omniscient Deity?”

James asked.

The Omniscient Deity was immortal. Since many powerful martial artists had shown themselves, James was curious about what he was up to.

Callan said, “There isn’t much news about him. He’s still running his intelligence network.”

James asked, “Is there anything else?”

“A lot has happened over the past three years. I don’t think I could finish telling you everything even if I spoke for three days straight.”

“Tell me the important parts, then.”

“Alright then, I’ll tell you everything I know. Cheers!”

James clinked his glass against Callan’s.

“So much has happened in the ancient martial world over the past three years. Powerful martial artists are springing up like mushrooms after the rain. Everyone who obtained the Dragon Essence has ascended the peak of the Ninth Stair. Meanwhile, some older folks have become Half-Saints. Rumors on the street are that Sky is the only one who’s crossed into the ninth rank.

“As for Divine Sword Villa, they used the dragon’s bone to forge a new divine sword by the name of Doomsday that’s even more powerful than the Primordial Dragon Blade. This has spread the Divine Sword Villa’s fame far and wide. Not only that, but Waylon Giovanni, the owner of Divine Sword Villa, has also ascended the peak of the Ninth Stair and is only a step away from becoming a Half-Saint.

“As for the Mount Thunder Sect, Simon Cabral has regained control once more. After consuming the dragon’s blood, Delainey Cabral ascended the peak of the Ninth Stair in three short years. Similar to Maxine, she’s been a dark horse in the ancient martial world over the past three years. Not only that, but I heard that Delainey, a highly-trained martial artist herself, created a new martial art six months ago. The martial art is called Geostigma and is extremely powerful. This has allowed the Mount Thunder Sect’s fame and prestige to reach even greater heights.”


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