The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1797

Chapter 1797

“Pipe down! She could be Favion Hansel’s friend. She looks like she possesses extraordinary strength.” Many conversed in whispers.

Upon seeing Maxine, Favion momentarily froze. Wearing a puzzled expression on his face, he murmured, “Isn’t she Maxine, Master of Floret Palace and the woman who left the Cadens’ household? Why is she here?”

After collecting himself, Favion walked over to Maxine with a bright smile. “Welcome, Master of Floret Palace. What a surprise this is! Please make yourself comfortable.”

Maxine’s name had been well-known by all recently. It was natural for Favion to recognize her almost immediately.

As he thought Maxine was here for his birthday banquet, he welcomed her warmly.

However, Maxine looked at him coldly and simply raised her arm. Powerful energy gathered in her palm, and she struck Favion.

Favion was immediately sent flying.

The crowd fell silent as they watched Favion crash against the wall and collapse heavily to the ground. Vomiting a mouthful of blood, he tried to get up. However, Maxine’s attack had shattered the meridians throughout his body. He could not even stand.


He looked at her fearfully.

“Master of Floret Palace, the Hansels have never offended you. What do you mean by this?” he questioned.

Even though he was significantly weaker than Maxine, he had no other choice but to confront her.

“If you don’t provide me with a satisfactory explanation, the Hansels will head over to the Mount Thunder Sect and seek its assistance in annihilating Floret Palace.”

He said confidently.

Maxine glanced at him nonchalantly and said coldly, “There’s a tiny village three hundred kilometers to the east where James Caden resides. Find him if you wish to live. If you can find him within three days, you’ll live.”

Leaving this ruthless remark, Maxine turned to leave.

After she left, everyone hurried over to Favion and helped him up.

“W-We have to find James!”

“Quick, help him out!”

At the same time, James was in his village. Crouching down, he observed the unique herb he had picked. He scrutinized it, sensing the movement of Spiritual Energy inside the herb.

Raising his arm, he catalyzed the Lunar and Terra Art. Then, he absorbed the herb’s Spiritual Energy. As the Spiritual Energy entered his body, he could feel a soothing calmness. Even his True Energy, which had remained at the same level for three years, was boosted.


James was delighted.

His True Energy had long reached a stage where he could no longer boost it. No matter how much he cultivated, his True Energy remained the same. Hence, the sudden increase in his True Energy delighted him.

Then, he catalyzed the Lunar and Terra Art once more and absorbed the herb’s Empyrean Spiritual Energy. Soon, the herb’s Empyrean Spiritual Energy was fully absorbed, and his True Energy increased by a little.

“How magical…”

James sat on the ground and murmured.

He was deep in contemplation.

“All these years, I’ve been using breathing methods to modify my body structure. My body is like a huge water tank, while True Energy is like water. If the container is full, I can no longer increase the volume of water. Now that my physical capabilities have improved, this means that my body’s capacity for True Energy has increased.

“However, ordinary cultivation methods can’t increase True Energy. Empyrean Spiritual Energy is the key to increasing True Energy…”

James finally figured it out.

He watched the herb intently.

Though the herb’s Spiritual Energy had been completely absorbed by him, he could sense the herb now absorbing Spiritual Energy from the ground. In just a short amount of time, the herb began to exude a tiny trace of Spiritual Energy.

Judging by the herb’s absorption speed, its Spiritual Energy would be fully restored within a week.


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