The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1798

Chapter 1798

Learning that his True Energy, which had been stagnant for three years, increased, James was delighted. “Thea!”

He rushed into the house excitedly.

At that moment, Thea was sitting on a chair in the courtyard while reading stories to her soon-to-be-born baby.

Upon seeing James rushing over to her, she rolled her eyes and said, “You’re no longer a child, James. Calm down.”

“Wait, I can explain! My True Energy increased after absorbing the Spiritual Energy of the herb. I’m heading to the back of the mountain to see if I can make a breakthrough.”

Back then, James could not make a breakthrough no matter how hard he tried. Now, he was tempted to give it another try.

“Go on, then.”

Thea waved her hand slightly,

After gaining her approval, he hurriedly turned to leave and headed to the back of the mountain.

Soon, he arrived in the woods behind the wooden house.

After finding an empty plot of land, he sat in a lotus position on the ground and catalyzed the Lunar and Terra Art.

The Lunar and Terra Art was a unique martial art that allowed one to cultivate both Terra and Lunar Energies, in other words, True Yang Energy and True Yin Energy respectively. Yang Energy represented Heavenly Breath, while Yin Energy represented Demonic Breath.

All these years, James and Thea had been researching and discussing the subject.

The moment he catalyzed the Lunar and Terra Art, two familiar yet distinct True Energies appeared. The two enveloped the other inside his elixir field and formed the pattern of Grand Extremity.

At that moment, he entered into an illusory state. Before him, an illusory flight of stairs appeared, and he slowly ascended them.

Soon, he arrived at the Ninth Stair.

Standing at the Ninth Stair, he looked at the greyish atmospheric barrier in the sky.


James raised his arm and struck the barrier.

However, the barrier was solid. Even though his True Energy was maxed out, he still could not make a dent in the barrier.

“What’s going on? Why won’t it work?”

James was puzzled.

He had been trying time and again over the past three years. Back then, he believed it was because he had insufficient True Energy He thought that he could break the barrier if only he boosted his True Energy. Now, however, that hypothesis turned out to be false.

The barrier was formidable. No matter how much force he struck it with, he could not break it. After trying a few times, he gave up and returned home, crestfallen.

Thea was done with her prenatal education and was now sitting in the courtyard, sunbathing.

Upon seeing the dejected expression on James’ face, she knew that he had failed once again.

“Did you fail?”

“Mhm.” James nodded dejectedly and said, “Though my True Energy has been boosted, I still can’t break the barrier to become a Half-Saint. I’m rudderless… It’s been so many years. Why won’t it work?”

Thea said, “Everything will turn out fine.”

James sighed and returned to his room.

Thea watched James’ retreating figure. She had seen his crestfallen expression countless times. She knew that James would never be content living the remainder of his life in this tiny village. She knew he wanted to leave and head to the outside world.

She was content being able to spend three years of her life in seclusion alongside James.

At that moment, she had the temptation of allowing James to leave. However, her baby was due in two months. She could not compromise at such a crucial moment.

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