The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1803

Chapter 1803

Indeed, he suspected Maxine because the timing of these occurrences was too suspicious. Thea suspected the same. That was why she reminded James not to fall for Maxine’s trap. Though she did not voice her thoughts, James nonetheless came to the same conclusion.

She smiled and said, “Get going, then. I’m pregnant, but my strength isn’t beneath yours. Only a handful of people can stand a chance against me on the battlefield. Even if Maxine has ascended the Ninth Stair, she might not be able to defeat me. Besides, this might not be her doing.”

James looked at Thea and said, “I’ll be back soon. Take care, alright?”

“Sigh… If you’re so worried, why don’t you remain here? Just leaving everything to me,” Callan said.

“You?” James looked at him.

Callan said smilingly. “Do you not trust me?”

“No.” James immediately shook his head and said, “Of course I trust you, Callan. In that case, I’ll leave everything to you”

“A piece of cake.” Callan smiled. Then, he grabbed David by the arm, and they disappeared from James and Thea’s view.

“Darling, I have a premonition that something bad is about to happen,” Thea said anxiously.

James grabbed her hand and said, “Everything will be fine with me by your side. The family that made a move against the Callahans is but a minor and insignificant one.”

Wearing a grim expression, Thea said, “I’m afraid it won’t be that simple. Word of our strength should have spread far and wide. Who would fare make a move against the Callahans in that case? I have a feeling that the mastermind behind this is targeting us.”

James began to think.

He could not recall antagonizing anyone over the past few years. The people who might have had a grudge against him would be Tobias and Lucjan. However, since they had submitted themselves to Thomas, they should not be up to any mischief. Could it be the Johnstons? After all, he crippled the Johnstons’ Patriarch and killed the Grand Patriarch, whereas Thea murdered the sect elders. However, the Johnstons were no longer the influential family from before. Why would they make a move against the Callahans when they were supposed to keep a low profile?

“Could it really be Maxine?” Pensive, James said, “That shouldn’t be… Based on my understanding of her. she’s not that sort of person. Even if she’s intelligent and cunning, what have I done to incur her wrath?”

“Let’s not overthink things. We should wait for Callan to return before jumping to conclusions,” Thea said.

“Got it.”

James put his thoughts aside for now.

At the same time, at Mount Jade…

The Omniscient Deity, who was wearing white attire, was sitting on a rock while nibbling a herb

At that moment, a pigeon came flying toward him. He extended his palm, and the pigeon landed on his palm. Then, he retrieved the letter from the pigeon’s leg and read its contents.

As he read through the letter, he suddenly stood up.

“What is Maxine up to?” he murmured while wearing a grim expression.

Then, he hurriedly left the mountain.

As he prepared to leave Mount Jade, a man appeared.

It was Sky, the King of Tacriyrus.

Wearing a golden robe, he exuded the charisma of a sovereign. He stood before the gates of the Jade Sect, looked at the Omniscient Deity, who was about to leave, and greeted him respectfully, “Master” The Omniscient Deity looked at Sky and uttered word by word, “1 never expected you to cross into the ninth rank.”

“It’s all thanks to your guidance”

Sky said, “After you offered me your advice, I went into closed-door meditation for a few years. That was how I made a breakthrough into the ninth rank.”

“This has nothing to do with me.” Omniscient Deity waved his hand and said, “Your ambition is too great. With the Dragon Essence and the power of the dragon’s blood, you managed to forcibly break through the realm barrier and cross into the ninth rank. I guess you must have found your own cultivation path. I have to say that you’re far stronger than I was in the olden days. Back then, it took me a century to finally find a way to cross into the ninth rank.”


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