The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1804

Chapter 1804

Sky’s breakthrough shocked Omniscient Deity. Back then, it took him a century to finally cross into the ninth rank. Meanwhile, Sky only needed a couple of years to accomplish that. The Dragon Essence and the dragon’s blood were indeed good stuff.

Looking at Sky with a composed look on his face, he asked, “Why are you here at Mount Jade when you’re supposed to be in Tacriyrus?”

“Master, I have come to challenge you,” Sky said calmly.

The Omniscient Deity was not surprised. He had watched Sky grow.

Sky was an extremely ambitious and power-hungry man. He wanted to stand at the very top of the power pyramid. Meanwhile, as Sky’s master, he was an uncrossable obstacle in his path to greatness. To become the most powerful individual in the world, Sky would have to defeat him first.

“Very well…” The Omniscient Deity nodded slightly and said, “Since you insist, I’ll allow you to challenge me. The battle will take place on Mount Kirkton in a week.”

After he said that, the Omniscient Deity disappeared without a trace.

Once he left, a middle-aged man walked over to Sky and knelt before him. “Sect Leader”

Sky waved slightly and said, “Stand up and speak.”

“Understood.” The middle-aged man stood.

Sky ordered, “I want you to spread the word. In a week, I will challenge the Omniscient Deity to a duel on Mount Kirkton.”


In the small village…

Over the past few days, Thea was filled with consternation for the Callahans’ safety.

After leaving for four days, Callan returned. The moment he returned, he immediately went looking for James.

James asked, “Is the matter resolved, Callan?”

Callan nodded and said, “Yes, the matter is resolved. The Lockheed family of Hurstmal was the one who made a move against the Callahans. The Lockheeds were furious after learning that Tommy Callahan slept with a maidservant of the Lockheeds’ Young Master I showed up and managed to defuse the situation amicably. However…

Callan’s expression turned grim.

Thea asked anxiously, “What is it?”

James waited for Callan to continue

Callan said, “The Lockheeds are merely an ordinary family, just like the Hansels. Their Patriarch is only at the fifth rank. With you and Thea having the Callahans’ back, technically, they should not have recklessly made a move against the Callahans for fear of reprisal. After thorough investigation, I discovered that someone has been manipulating them behind the scenes.”

“Who?” Thea and James asked in unison.

Callan shook his head, “I have limited time, so I returned to inform you of my findings before I can further investigate the matter James, we can now be sure that someone’s targeting you behind the scenes. However, they do not dare fight against you in the open. That was why they resorted to such an underhanded tactic. You have to be on your guard.”

James was lost in thought.

Someone was targeting him…but who? Perhaps the Johnstons? Could it be Maxine?

He could not figure anything out.

“By the way, there’s something I think you should know,” Callan said, reminded of something.

“What is it?” James asked.

Callan answered, “Sky challenged the Omniscient Deity to a duel, which the latter accepted right away. The battle will take place on Mount Kirkton in three days.”

“Sky challenged Omniscient Deity to a duel?”

James froze.

He did not expect this to happen.

The Omniscient Deity was an immortal who had lived for two millennia. Sky, on the other hand, only recently crossed into the ninth rank, so he never expected Sky to challenge the Omniscient Deity so soon. Callan grinned, “James, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness a battle between two ninth-rank martial artists. Aren’t you interested in going?”

“Of course I am! James blurted.

Immediately, he turned to look at Thea and said, “However, Thea’s baby is due in two months. I have to remain by her side.”


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