The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1805

Chapter 1805

In truth, James wanted to witness the once-in-a-lifetime battle and seek advice from the Omniscient Deity and Sky on how best to cross into the ninth rank.

“Go ahead if you want.”

Thea did not stop him.

She knew that James was passionate about martial arts, researching them day in and day out. She also knew that James was adamant about making a breakthrough into the ninth rank.

As if sensing James’ concerns, she said with a smile, “Just go, I’ll be fine. I’m not a child anymore. Event though the baby’s due in two months, I’m still one of the most powerful martial artists out there. No ordinary martial artists can approach me. With the Malevolent Sword in my hand, I might even stand at chance against some of the best ones out there.”

James shook his head and said, “Nah, forget it. Something bad has just happened to the Callahans. Besides, Callan just said that someone’s targeting me behind the shadows. It would be bad if someone. comes the moment I leave.”

Although James wanted to watch the battle between the Omniscient Deity and Sky, Thea was the most important thing to him.

Hearing this, Thea was overjoyed.

She smiled and said, “Why don’t I go with you then?”

“No way.” James turned down her proposal and said, “The baby’s due in two months. You aren’t going anywhere.”

Thea sighed and said, “I’m a martial artist, James. I’m not that pathetic. In any case, the journey to Mount Kirkton requires approximately a day We still have time. We’ll leave tomorrow after packing our stuff.” “Are you sure about this?” James looked at her.

“Yes, of course.” Thea said smilingly, “I know my own body.”

“Alright then, we’ll head out tomorrow.”

James was looking forward to watching the battle between two of the most powerful individuals in the world.

Soon, a day passed

The next morning. James, Thea, and Callan left the village and headed to a nearby city to take a plane to Hearthome City, the city where Mount Kirkton was located.

After arriving in Hearthome City, Callan got them a car and drove toward the mountains.

A day later, they arrived at Mount Kirkton.

Mount Kirton was a pristine forest. Since antiquity, there had been many legends surrounding the mountain. It was a place full of myths and legends.

“James, Mount Kirkton is just right ahead.”

Callan stopped the car and pointed at the mountain range before them, saying. “The path ends here. We will have to continue the rest of our journey on foot. If I remember correctly, the battle begins at noon tomorrow. We should be able to reach the peak of Mount Kirkton by tonight.”


James nodded.

The three got off the car

It was a once-in-a-lifetime battle. After Sky spread the word of the challenge, many martial artists hurriedly came here to watch the show. Some foreign martial artists were even present

James and the others continued their journey by foot. They did not rush things but instead took their time walking.

Along the way, many martial artists could be seen heading toward Mount Kirkton. Soon, they noticed the presence of James and the others.

“Isn’t that James Caden and Thea Callahan?”

“I thought they retreated into the mountains. Did they come out of seclusion?”

Many were puzzled.


At that moment, a voice came

James turned and saw a group of people walking toward him. In the lead was Simon Cabral of the Mount Thunder Sect. Not only that, but Jackson Cabral and Delainey Cabral were also there.

Jackson hurriedly made his way over to James and said while smiling, “It really is you, James!”

“James,” Delainey greeted him sweetly.

Since they last met three years ago, Delainey had grown even more beautiful, and the charisma she exuded had drastically increased.


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