The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1806

Chapter 1806

James’ gaze was fixed on Delainey

She was wearing a red vintage dress and flowers embroidered with beads on her head. Her features were fine and delicate, and her skin was fair and smooth. Holding a sword in her hand, the charisma she exuded accentuated her beauty

At that moment, the rest of the Mount Thunder Sect walked over to James.

Their gazes were fixed on James.

When James retreated into the mountains three years ago, word of his life of seclusion spread all across the world. He was the youngest and most brilliant martial artist there was, so any news that concerned him would spread like wildfire. Then there was Thea. Though she was an ordinary woman at the beginning, she became one of the most powerful individuals in a year It would be impossible not to garner any attention.

James looked at Simon and greeted him respectfully, “Simon….”

“Mhm.” Simon nodded slightly before looking at Thea and Callan, greeting them both.

“Hmph!” Thea grunted.

Back in the Mount Thunder Sect, she had a battle against Simon. After being injured by his Spiritual Palm, she underwent a rough ordeal, so she was not pleased to see him.

Upon seeing Thea’s stomach, Jackson flashed James a smile. “Congratulations, James. You’re going to be a father”

“Hehe…” James laughed.

However, there was a hint of disappointment on Jackson’s face. He had wanted to matchmake James and her daughter Delainey as he believed James had enormous potential. It now seemed to be impossible. However, it was also unnecessary since his daughter now had great strength. After obtaining the dragon’s blood, the Mount Thunder Sect developed rapidly.

Delainey smiled. “James, are you here to watch the battle between Sky and Omniscient Deity?”

“Mhm.” James looked at her and said, “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. How can I miss this opportunity?”

After greeting each other, they ascended Mount Kirkton together.

In the middle of the night, at the foot of Mount Kirkton…

A man and a woman met at a secluded spot.

The man had a youthful appearance, about twenty-five years old. He was wearing a leisure suit. The woman was also youthful. Wearing an elegant dress, she exuded great charisma.

They were Sky and Maxine.

“What business do you have with me?” Sky looked at Maxine, his expression composed.

He knew that Maxine was a powerful martial artist. Before the dragon was slain, she was one of the most powerful ones out there. However, after slaying the dragon, as more and more ascended the Ninth Stair, he began to consider her unworthy of his attention.

“You have a long way to go before becoming the most powerful individual in the world. Even though you’ve crossed into the ninth rank, many of your enemies remain the Omniscient Deity, the Prince of

Orchid Mountain, and the Blood Race’s hidden elite. You can’t defeat them alone with the strength you currently possess.”

“Besides, let’s not forget about James and Thea. James, as you know, has enormous potential. You weren’t his match when you two were in the same realm. Although three years have passed, and you’ve crossed into the ninth rank, this doesn’t mean that he’d remain stagnant. As for Thea, she obtained the blood of the Four Holy Beasts and mastered terrifying martial arts. If they stand in your way, you will be defeated,” Maxine said calmly.

This is none of your concern.” As Sky looked at Maxine’s delicate features and curvaceous figure, an evil grin crept up on his face

“I can help you,” Maxine said softly


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