The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1807

Chapter 1807

“Help me?”

Sky looked at Maxine with a mischievous smile on his face. “What can you do to help me? Do you think you’re some sort of bigshot now that your strength has greatly increased after obtaining a Dragon Essence and some dragon’s blood?” Sky asked.

I have ways of helping you as long as you’re willing to cooperate with me. I assure you that Tacriyrus will annex its surrounding nations and become one of the most powerful states in the world,” Maxine said nonchalantly

Upon hearing this, Sky hesitated. He had heard of Maxine’s deeds. Orient Commerce’s downfall a few years ago was orchestrated by Maxine herself.

That was one of the reasons he chose to give up Orient Commerce. He knew that James had many allies on his side. If he persisted, it would only be a matter of time before he was defeated, so he chose to make a deal with James. However, he did not expect the Blood Race to provide him with fake dragon blood.

Now, he could no longer see through Maxine.

However, he was stunned by her beauty. Maxine was now more beautiful and more glamorous than she was three years ago. Staring at her curvaceous figure, he snickered. In that case, why don’t you become my queen? Together, we will rule the world.”

“Haha. Maxine laughed. “You overestimate yourself, Sky. You’re brilliant, but you’re not the person I like.” “Is that so?” Sky smiled faintly and said, “Maxine Caden, mark my words. Soon, you will be mine.”

Sky was an extremely confident man. Just as he firmly believed in his strength, he was as confident he could make Maxine his

I look forward to it, then.” Maxine said while smiling. “By the way, I have severed all ties with the Cadens. Just call me Maxine from now on.”

Sky’s mischievous smile faded away. He had no idea what Maxine was up to. Why would she choose to cooperate with him at such a critical moment? He found it hard to believe that it was his strength that attracted her.

“May I ask you something?”

Maxine looked at him and said, “Sure.”

Sky asked, “Why are you cooperating with me? What are you after?”

“I’m not after anything.” Wearing a composed look, Maxine said, “From today onwards, I’ll be scheming and formulating strategies for you. Not only that, but the entire Floret Palace will answer you. I hope you won’t disappoint me.”

She said that and turned to leave.

As Sky watched her retreating figure, his expression turned grim. He had no idea what Maxine was up to. He only knew that she was not as simple as she looked.

After Maxine left, she did not leave Mount Kirton but instead lingered in the mountain’s outer perimeter

Soon, a group of people appeared. In the lead was Thomas Caden, and behind him were Tobias Caden, Lucjan Owen, and many other martial artists.

Upon seeing Maxine, Thomas raised his hand slightly, and his entourage stopped.

Maxine walked over to Thomas while staring at Tobias.

The moment Tobias saw her, he opened and shut his mouth, unable to formulate any word.


Thomas was taken aback when he saw her.

“Granduncle,” Maxine greeted him respectfully.


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