The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1808

Chapter 1808

“Mhm.” Thomas nodded.

“Maxine, why did you leave the Caden household and establish Floret Palace?” Thomas questioned.

Maxine lowered her head and spoke in a soft voice, “1-1 was bored and wanted to find something else interesting to do. That’s why I established Floret Palace. However, after establishing it, I realized that life. is even more boring now.”

As she said that, she lifted her head and looked at Thomas, asking, “By the way, have you seen James over the past three years? Since you founded the state of Japura, I assume that James is currently helping you out.”

Hearing this, Thomas sighed. He tried convincing James to join him three years ago. However, James turned down his offer.

“I have not seen James since we parted ways three years ago.”

“What?” Stunned, Maxine said, “No way! As your grandson, he should be helping you out after you established Japura. I even thought that he’d have a high position in Japura.”

“Ha… It’s a long story..

He was speechless when it came to James. As a Caden, instead of lending his family a helping hand in establishing a dynasty, he chose to live a life of seclusion with his wife.

“Granduncle.” Maxine’s expression suddenly turned grim.

“Hmm?” Thomas looked at her

Maxine said anxiously, “It is my understanding that James is a man with strong national loyalty. Now that you’ve established Japura, your nation will surely expand outward. Ultimately, your interests will end up clashing with Sol’s. Once you make a move against Sol, James will surely stand in your way.”

Maxine voiced her thoughts.

Thomas had thought about the possibility. However, since James was his grandson, he could not do anything to him.

“Granduncle, James only has Thea on his mind. If you get rid of her, James might have a change of heart.”

When he heard this, Thomas looked Maxine in the eye. She immediately lowered her head and remained silent.

“What do you mean by that, Maxine?” Thomas questioned.

Maxine stammered, “-I didn’t mean anything by that. That was just my honest opinion. H-I have something else to attend to. I’ll be taking my leave.”

Then, she hurriedly turned to leave.

As Thomas watched her retreating figure, his expression turned grim.

Tobias behind him whispered, “Maxine may look soft and gentle on the outside, but she is in fact an ambitious woman. You can tell by how she resorted to underhanded tactics to secure her position as the family head of the Cadens. Your Majesty, you have to tread carefully in this matter.

Although Tobias was technically Thomas’ brother by blood, he knew his own place as a subordinate of His Majesty So, he showed great reverence toward Thomas.

“I know what I must do.”

After he spoke, Thomas turned to leave.

In the distance…

Maxine stopped and looked at Thomas and the others from on top of the mountain. Then, a smirk crept up on her beautiful face.

She believed Thomas would make the decision.

“If I can’t have James, no one else can! I’ve been waiting for this day to come for a long time, Thea! So what if you are impregnated with James’ child? The fun’s just getting started.”

The smile on her face froze, and her expression darkened.

At the same time, in the pristine forest at the peak of Mount Kirkton…

Though desolated and uninhabited, the place was getting increasingly rowdy

The battle between Sky and Omniscient Deity would take place tomorrow at noon, but many martial artists had arrived early.

James waited patiently at the back of the mountain. Soon, Thomas, along with his entourage, appeared. Upon seeing his entourage, James’ expression turned grim. He knew that Tobias, Lucjan, and the others. were alive and even made the guardians of Japura.


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