The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1817

Chapter 1817

Upon their return, James hurriedly headed toward the plantation. The moment he entered the plantation, he realized that all the herbs had withered. Only a single tiny herb remained unperturbed. Though its petals were close to withering, a tiny fruit could be seen in the middle of the flower

“What’s going on?”

Looking at the withered plants, James asked in confusion, “I only left for a few days. Why have the herbs I planted withered? Could it be that this tiny herb has absorbed all the nutrients from the soil and caused the other plants to wither?”

James hypothesized. Looking at the herb, he suddenly had the urge to absorb the Empyrean Spiritual Energy inside the herb. However, upon seeing the fruit, he dismissed the idea.

He began looking forward to the herb bearing fruit. Once the fruit was ripe, he could cross into the ninth rank after consuming it.


A voice came from the courtyard.

James glanced at the herb before standing up and heading toward the wooden house. Then, he arrived at the courtyard. When he saw Callan who had taken a seat, he walked over to him and sat beside him.

As soon as he sat, Callan leaned over to him and pleaded, “I now know that your cultivation path is the right one after overhearing the conversation between you and the Omniscient Deity. Could you tell me how you managed to sense Empyrean Spiritual Energy?”

James was lost in contemplation.

When did he first sense the presence of Empyrean Spiritual Energy?

He remembered he was practicing martial arts in the morning. Back then, the sun had only just risen above the horizon when he suddenly had an epiphany. It was then that he gained insight into the Lunar and Terra Art, which allowed him to detect the presence of a mysterious power that was hidden in plain sight. Meanwhile, the breathing method of the Lunar and Terra Art began absorbing the power.

He told everything he knew to Callan, who could barely understand his words.

Over the next few days, Callan would sit in the courtyard of his wooden house and do exactly what

James had told him.

However, he could not sense anything. He could not sense the presence of Empyrean Spiritual Energy anywhere. By using the Lunar and Terra Art’s breathing method, he was able to breathe in the fresh air However, the fresh air was incapable of changing his bodily structure

Over the next few days, Callan would fail to sense the presence of Empyrean Spiritual Energy. However, he would not give up. Every day, he would discuss the matter with James.

One fine morning, even as the sun rose above the horizon, Callan still could not sense anything.

He stopped and headed to James’ place.

The moment he pushed the gates open, he could see James practicing the sword. Although his speed was slow and his movements clumsy, his sword technique was in fact flawless.

Upon seeing Callan, James stopped and walked over to him, asking smilingly, “Callan, how’s everything going?”

Callan shook his head slightly and said, “It won’t work. I guess this must be your own cultivation path. I have to find some other way.”

After all, the Omniscient Deity did say that one needed to gain insight by himself Simply imparting one’s knowledge to another would not work.

“What is this smell? It smells so good.

Callan smelled a fragrance

Back then, he had a whiff of this smell. However, it was not as intense

Now, the fragrance permeated the air


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