The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1821

Chapter 1821

“No need.”

Then, the man gave James a powerful kick.

James appeared twenty meters away in an instant. He thought he had evaded the man’s attack. However, the man appeared before him and swung his foot. James’ face darkened, and he hurriedly raised his arm to block the attack.

The moment the man’s foot made contact with James, James could feel a terrifying power hurtling toward him. In an instant, he was sent flying several meters away as powerful energy shredded through the air. The Blood Energy inside James’ body churned, and he could feel blood gushing through his throat. He forcibly swallowed his blood and catalyzed True Energy to suppress the violent Blood Energy.

“Not bad…” The man remained where he stood and looked at James who was wearing a solemn expression. “Looks like the rumors are true. You’re indeed the most distinguished martial artist of your generation. Fight me with all your strength, kid, or else this will be your final resting place.”

Although the man was praising James, James could sense the ice-cold killing intention in his eyes. He had not experienced this feeling in many years.

James’ face darkened. He did not wish to fight against this unknown man. He took a deep breath and collected himself, saying. “Sorry, I don’t have time for this. Go find someone else to play with?”

“Play?” The man smirked. “Kid, do you think I’m playing with you?”

As he said that, he appeared before James at lightning speed and struck with his fists.

James did not wish to continue the battle, but he was on full alert. He hurriedly dodged the attack


The man’s attack missed its target and struck the ground heavily. A crater several meters deep immediately appeared. Dust swirled, and the surrounding rocks were turned to ashes.

“What power…”

James took a deep breath.

Who was this? How did he possess such strength? Why would he try to deal him the death blow even though he had never crossed him?

Just as James was lost in thought, the man struck once more.

“Damn you!” James was enraged. Though he retreated into the mountains and no longer concerned himself with the affairs of the ancient martial world, he was not afraid of resorting to violence. Now that the man before him was fooling around with him, he was enraged.

He struck with his fist.


Their fists collided.

The man was instantly sent flying. At the same time, the ripples of the battle waves shredded through the air, and the road was destroyed.

The man was sent flying several meters before he finally deflected James’ move. He swung his arm, which had gone numb, and smiled mischievously. “That’s more like it, kid. Brace yourself, I’m about to use my full strength.”

After he spoke, he charged at James.

In an instant, he appeared before James and leaped several meters into the air. Then, he launched a powerful kick at James.

James’ face darkened, and he clenched his fists, bracing himself for the impact.

Then, their attacks clashed.


The powerful wave distorted even space.

James crashed to the ground, while the man was sent flying. However, almost immediately, he collected himself and charged toward James once more.

James stopped himself from crashing to the ground and met the man’s attack once more.

The battle raged on.


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