The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1822

Chapter 1822

James did not wish to fight against a stranger. However, the man had pushed it too far.

He instantly catalyzed True Energy and met the man’s attack. All these years, he had been busy researching all kinds of martial arts. However, he did not have the opportunity to test things out on the battlefield. Now, one had presented itself.

The battlefield was not too far away from the village James resided in. Fortunately, these were desolated parts where no one lived.

In this desolated area, shadows flashed, and dust swirled.


James and the man’s fists collided once more, and the man was immediately sent flying. His arm went limp, and he could no longer raise his arm.

Before he could collect himself, James was already before him. Then, in the blink of an eye, his chest was struck, and he crashed heavily on the ground.

“Damn it!” the man cursed.

He leaped from the ground, exuding a terrifying aura. The aura affected the surroundings, and dust swirled. Then, he charged toward James

The two engaged in close combat.

Over the past few years, James had been using the Lunar and Terra Art’s breathing method to absorb Empyrean Spiritual Energy, which strengthened his bodily structure. Not only that, but he would also consume herbs, thereby allowing his physical capabilities to increase.

He blocked the man’s attacks head-on. Meanwhile, after receiving some of James’ blows, the man began to stagger backward. He was injured, and there were blood traces on his lips.

He hurriedly dodged and brandished his sword. The moment he unsheathed the sword, a shapeless Sword Energy radiated powerful energy, which compelled James to stagger backward.

Then, the man twirled his body, and a powerful Sword Light burst forth toward James.

James struck with his fist, and True Energy materialized, blocking the man’s attack. Then, he disappeared without a trace.

“Where did he go?” The man was stunned. He could sense an intimidating aura from behind him. Without any hesitation, he turned and slashed…

However, James managed to grab hold of his sword using just two fingers.

Then, he exerted some force.


The sword was snapped in half.

At the same time, he struck with his fist. Powerful energy gathered in his fist as he struck the man’s chest, sending him flying and crashing heavily to the ground. The man then vomited a mouthful of blood.

James slowly walked toward him.

The man hurriedly got up. His composed expression was now gone only to be replaced by fear and panic

He had heard rumors about James who was widely recognized as a genius of his generation. However,

he did not expect him to be this powerful.

James stepped forward.


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