The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1825

Chapter 1825

Upon hearing the noise, Callan hurriedly made his way over to James. The moment he arrived at the courtyard, he could see James levitating in mid-air, and his body was radiating a red beam.

“What in the…”

Callan was stunned.

James shut his eyes and catalyzed the Lunar and Terra Art to swiftly absorb the energy inside his body.

The Empyrean Spiritual Energy the mysterious fruit possessed was so concentrated and majestic that James was dumbfounded. If the Empyrean Spiritual Energy James absorbed every morning was a drop of morning dew, then the Empyrean Spiritual Energy the fruit possessed was like the vast ocean. After James consumed the mysterious fruit, he began refining and absorbing Empyrean Spiritual Energy to increase his True Energy

At the same time, in Tacriyrus…

Sky was wearing a golden robe while sitting in the main hall of his palace. Below him was a glamorous- looking woman who exuded great charisma.

Sky glanced downward at Maxine with a slight hint of displeasure. He said, “So this is the idea you come up with?”

Maxine nodded and said, “That’s right. Recently, the Void Sect has swept through the ancient martial world like a whirlwind. Even formidable sects like the Sylvan Sect, the Heaven and Earth Sect, and the Mount Thunder Sect, were defeated. The only time they failed was when they fought against James. This is no longer a secret-James possesses enormous strength. Sometimes, I even suspect that his strength is even beyond yours. Fortunately, he has an Achilles’ heel-Thea Callahan.”

“No way.” Sky rebuffed her, saying. “I don’t see myself as an upright person, but I’m still acquainted with James. Now, you’re asking me to make a move against a pregnant woman. If word of this spreads, I’ll be made the laughingstock of the world!”

“Hmph!” Maxine snickered and said, “I’m not asking you to murder Thea or anything. You just have to invite her here to Tacriyrus. James will obey your every command if you hold Thea and their child hostage.”

Upon hearing this, Sky was lost in thought.

Recently, the Void Sect had been acting too brazenly. This would reflect badly on him-the man who proclaimed himself to be the greatest in the world.

He thought about it and asked, “What’s your plan?”

Maxine said, “It is my understanding that James is currently in closed door meditation in a remote tiny village. Meanwhile, Thea is currently in Cansington. Though she’s no ordinary person, she won’t stand a chance against you now that she’s pregnant. Threaten her a little and she’ll make a compromise to protect her soon-to-be-born baby.”

Maxine suggested, “James will have no choice but to obey you if you hold Thea hostage here in Tacriyrus. Besides, you can kill two birds with one stone by making James fight against the Void Sect on your behalf.”

I see… That sounds like a great idea.”

Sky briefly contemplated the matter. He believed that Maxine’s idea was sound. Although it would be despicable of him to commit such a wicked deed, it was the best available option.

The Void Sect had been on a rampage and was close to defeating every powerful martial artist. The only time they miscalculated was when they chose to challenge James to a battle. Besides, the Void Sect had spread the word that they would return to challenge James once more.

“Alright, I’ll head to Cansington immediately”

In the blink of an eye, Sky disappeared without a trace.

Maxine smiled faintly as she turned to leave Tacriyrus Palace.

A day later, Maxine appeared at the main hall of Japura Palace.

In the lead was a youthful man wearing a dragon robe. He looked at Maxine nonchalantly and said matter- of-factly, “Maxine, why have you come?”

“Granduncle, I hear that the Sky intends to make a move against the Void Sect. However, since he’s afraid of the Void Sect’s overwhelming strength, he plans to abduct Thea and use her to force James into fighting against the Void Sect,” Maxine said calmly.

“What?” Thomas immediately stood up. His expression darkened, and he exuded a killing intent. “Damn you, Sky! How dare you make a move against a member of the Cadens!”

“Granduncle, time is against us. If I’m not mistaken, Sky should have arrived in Cansington by now,” Maxine said anxiously as if she was truly concerned about Thea’s safety.


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