The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1827

Chapter 1827

However, the moment he took a step forward, he immediately staggered backward and collapsed heavily to the ground while vomiting a mouthful of blood.

By then, Thea had already left with Sky.

Meanwhile, Lex swiftly pulled his phone out and called James. Although the call went through, no one answered the phone.

He called repeatedly, but despite numerous attempts, no one picked up the phone.

So, he opted to send James a message, [Something bad happened, James. Thea has been abducted. Return to Cansington at once.]

The important members of the Callahans gathered for a meeting.

“Grandpa, who was the one who abducted Thea?” Tommy asked.

Lex’s expression turned grim. Now that the Callahans had become an ancient martial family, he had been in close contact with the wider ancient martial world, so he knew a thing or two. He had heard of Thea’s overwhelming presence and influence over the ancient martial world.

Since Thea willingly left with the man, this could only mean that the man possessed terrifying strength.

“Grandpa, I found a video.” A youngster opened a video and said, “He’s Sky, the current Sect Leader of the Celestial Sect and also the Emperor of Tacriyrus. Two weeks ago, he fought against Omniscient Deity on Mount Kirkton and defeated him. So, he’s currently the greatest in the world.”

When he heard this, Lex’s body went limp, and he collapsed on the sofa. Wearing a grim expression, he said, “What the hell is going on? When did we ever provoke Tacriyrus? Why did they take Thea away? What is he up to?”

He pulled his phone out once more and called James. However, the call did not go through again.

The Callahans were in a panic mode after Thea’s abduction.

A day later, Thomas arrived in Cansington alongside the guardians of Japura—Tobias and Lucjan.

In the foyer of the Callahans’ villa…

“Thomas…” Lex sniffed while saying, “Thea has been abducted by Sky. You have to save her.”

“Damn it!” Thomas smashed the table, which shattered into pieces. He took a deep breath to forcibly calm himself down. Then, looking at Lex, he said, “Don’t worry, I’ll bring Thea back safely. By the way, where’s James?”

Lex said, “I called him numerous times but no one answered the phone,”

“Mhm.” Thomas could not care less about James. He had to make his way to Tacriyrus and bring Thea back. He knew that Thea’s baby would be due soon, and he would not allow any accidents to occur. Who would dare harm the Caden bloodline?

He stood up and turned to leave, while Tobias and Lucjan followed close behind.

After leaving the Callahans’ villa, Tobias said, ‘Your Majesty, how did Maxine know that Sky was about to make a move on Thea? This makes no sense at all.”

‘We don’t have time for this, Tobias. Our priority is to head over to Tacriyrus immediately.” Thomas said.

He did not have time to question how on earth Maxine knew in advance. Alongside his entourage, he swiftly headed to Tacriyrus.

A day later in Tacriyrus…

Tacriyrus was originally a small nation in civil strife. Sky seized the opportunity and took control of the country by mobilizing the disciples of the Celestial Sect. In a short amount of time, he established the capital and constructed a palace.

The palace was only an ordinary-looking ancient building. Many armed guards patrolled the area.

Then, Sky appeared alongside Tobias and Lucjan.


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