The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1828

Chapter 1828

“Who’s there?”

Thomas’ appearance attracted the palace guards’ attention. Dozens of heavily-armed palace guards immediately surrounded the three of them.

Swish! Swoosh!

In an instant, the palace guards were lying in a pool of blood.

As his movement was too agile, the palace guards could not react in time. By the time they realized what was going on, their necks were slashed, and they collapsed to the ground.

Right then, the alarm was triggered. The palace gate opened, and countless soldiers rushed out.

Holding a sword in his hand, Tobias slashed with his sword. In an instant, the soldiers were killed.

At the same time, Sky was making out with a beautiful woman in a room in the palace’s courtyard.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

A knock came on the door.

Cursing, Sky pushed the woman in his lap away and got dressed. Opening the door, he glared at the kneeling man outside the courtyard and reprimanded him, “What the hell is going on?”

“Your Majesty, we have intruders!”

‘Who dares…”

“It’s me.”

A voice came from behind him, and Sky turned his head.

Three people walked over to him. In the lead was Thomas, who roared furiously, “How dare you, Sky?! What makes you think you can pick on a Caden as you please?!”

Upon seeing Thomas, Sky walked over to him while saying coldly, “I was wondering who it was. So it’s you, Thomas Caden, Emperor of Japura.

What do you think you are doing marching straight into my palace? Aren’t you afraid I might do the same to you?”

“Cut the cr*p. Where’s Thea?” Thomas questioned.

“So you came for her.” Sky said coldly, ‘Yes, I was the one who took her away. But what can you do to stop me?”

He said matter-of-factly as if he could not care less about Thomas’ opinion.

‘You must have a death wish!” Thomas brandished the Malignant Sword, and formless Sword Energy shredded through the air.

Sky dodged his attack.

Instantly, the building behind him was reduced to rubble.

Sky appeared a hundred meters away and glared at Thomas. His expression darkened, and he said coldly, “I will tear you to pieces!” Then, he charged toward Thomas.

Immediately, Tobias and Lucjan, who were behind Thomas all this while, stepped forward and deflected Sky’s attack.

Their fists collided.


Powerful energy burst forth and destroyed the palace. In an instant, countless bodies lay on the ground motionless.

Sky staggered backward, while Tobias and Lucjan were sent flying and crashed heavily to the ground.

Upon witnessing the palace’s destruction and hearing the agonizing screams of the injured, Sky’s face darkened. It was only a temporary palace for Sky, but it represented his power and influence. Now, everything was destroyed. If word of this spread, he would be made the laughingstock of the world.

He clenched his fists furiously.

“How dare you, Thomas?!”

Thomas pointed the Malignant Sword at Sky.

Even though he was only a Half-Saint, he was immortal. As such, he was unafraid of Sky, a ninth-rank grandmaster, at all. He said coldly, “If you don’t hand over Thea to me, I will annihilate Tacriyrus and all of its citizens.”


Sky was enraged.

However, he did not doubt his strength. After all, Thomas indeed had the capability to do so. Though he was confident he could defeat Thomas, his stronghold in Tacriyrus would be obliterated if a battle broke out.


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