The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1835

Chapter 1835

“Not an earthling?” James was shocked once more.

“Actually, they are. Kind of.” James was stunned.

‘What is the meaning of not an earthling, but kind of an earthling?’

“My teacher was from the Sealed Realm.”

Slowly, the Omniscient Deity began to talk and revealed a secret.

James took a deep breath, forcing himself to stay calm, and asked, “What’s the Sealed Realm?”

The Omniscient Deity said, “I don’t know much about it either. Back then, my teacher told me that the Sealed Realm is, strictly speaking, on Earth. However, its space has been sealed off, and we’re unable to enter. When my teacher was leaving, they said that in less than a thousand years, the Sealed Realm would be released.

“Once the seal is broken, martial artists from the Sealed Realm will be able to appear on Earth. At that time, the Earth will experience shocking and significant changes. As to how things will turn out in the end, I’m not sure either.”

‘Then what about the Void Sect?” James asked tentatively, “Did the Void Sect come from the Sealed Realm?”

The Omniscient Deity nodded softly and said, “Probably. Given that I’ve been living on Earth for nearly two thousand years, I’m aware of almost everything that happens on Earth. Even when the Prince of Orchid

Mountain faked his death back then, he couldn’t fool me. However, I’ve not heard of the Void Sect. It really did appear out of nowhere. There’s only one explanation, and that is the Void Sect came from the Sealed Realm.”

Right now, James was still a little perplexed.

“Lord Omniscient, what does this so-called Sealed Realm actually mean?”

After giving it some thought, the Omniscient Deity pulled out a sheet of white paper. He then crushed it and rolled it into a ball.

James watched with confusion on his face. Immediately after, the Omniscient Deity spread out the white paper.

“It’s similar to this piece of paper. When rolled up, it is our world. The inside is actually hidden. Once it is unfolded, its internal space will be released. Of course, this is only an analogy. I don’t know much about the details.”

James did not really understand it.

The Omniscient Deity continued, “If the Void Sect is indeed from the

Sealed Realm, it means that the Sealed Realm is already opening up and some martial artists have emerged. My teacher left me a message at the time, saying that if the seal weakens, I should gather the four seals as soon as possible.”

James was listening intently. When he heard this, he had to ask, “What four seals?”

The Omniscient Deity explained, “According to my teacher, they were from many years ago. The seal can only be released properly once all four seals have been gathered. When that happens, the Earth will undergo a remarkable transformation. When the seal is released, the sealed Spiritual Energy, or Primordial Energy, will be released completely. The Earth will then be brimming with life. After you reached the ninth rank, did you sense the huge amount of Spiritual Energy in the earth and the sky?”

“Yes, I did,” James said, “I couldn’t feel it before, except when the days were transitioning into nights. Isn’t it because I’ve reached the ninth rank that I’m able to sense it?”

“No,” the Omniscient Deity corrected, “It’s not because of that. The Empyrean Spiritual Energy appeared only after the Void Sect showed up.

This supports my theory that the Void Sect originates from the Sealed Realm. The Earth’s seal is already weakening.”


James took a deep breath. What the Omniscient Deity had said was too unfathomable.

“And Mount Bane is exactly where the seal is located.” The Omniscient Deity began again.

“Mount Bane?” James was startled.

The Omniscient Deity nodded. “Mhm. At Mount Bane. Before my teacher left, they told me that as soon as the seal began to come loose, I should gather the four seals, head to Mount Bane, and completely open the seal.”

‘This is both a disaster and a blessing for humanity.”

“What do you mean?”

“When the seal is released, the Empyrean Spiritual Energy will be released. Everything will change. Even wildlife will undergo mutations and become extremely powerful. This is a disaster for humans, who are at the top of the food chain. At the same time, it’s also a blessing for humans. Since various plants will mutate, a large amount of fruit containing the Empyrean

Spiritual Energy will appear. When people consume them, their strength will increase dramatically.”

“So that’s why.”

James understood now.

The small mysterious plant he had come across sometime ago was born as a result of the changes in the world.

In that case, he was quite lucky to have acquired the small plant containing Spiritual Energy before the world began to change completely.


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