The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1836

Chapter 1836

James visited the Omniscient Deity to get some information about the Void Sect.

He never expected the Omniscient Deity to reveal these secrets to him.

The recovery of Spiritual Energy, the drastic changes in the world…all of these were beyond what he could have imagined.

However, now that he had crossed into the ninth rank and was in contact with the Empyrean Spiritual Energy, he was able to accept these.

Even creatures like dragons had appeared. What else could he not accept?

The Omniscient Deity continued, “The four seals. During these years, I’ve collected three of them. There’s still one more seal to go.”

As he said this, he took out the three seals and gave them to James.

James was surprised and said, “Why are you giving them to me?”

‘Take them.”


James took them and examined them in his hands.

Three seals, three different colors. The seals were plain, just like regular seals.

James examined them for a while but found nothing noteworthy.

The Omniscient Deity said, ‘The last seal is in the hands of the Prince of Orchid Mountain. It’s actually the Imperial Jade Seal that is in his possession. After gathering the four seals, take them to Mount Bane, find the four-sided diagram, place them in it, and the seal will be released completely.”

“Are we really going to release the seal?” James looked hesitant.

The Omniscient Deity said that after the seal was opened, the world would go through significant changes. As to how things would turn out in the end, even he was unsure of that. On the other hand, he also said that this might be a disaster for humankind.

“It must be released.” The Omniscient Deity’s face was solemn. He said,” Because humans will then have an advantage. Even if it is not released, the seal will gradually weaken. In a hundred years at most, the seal will be completely broken.

‘The appearance of the Void Sect confirms this. If my assumption is correct, they are probably also looking for the four seals. They want to release the seal completely and get a significant head start.”


“Yes, Lord Omniscient. I’m listening.”

The Omniscient Deity said gravely, “Once the seal is released, the Earth will definitely change. Whether humans can survive in the end times will be determined by the current generation of ancient martial artists. This crop of ancient martial artists is the leader of humanity. In the future, humanity will be completely reliant on this group of people.

‘They’ll have to fight against foreigners, mutated beasts, and the harsh environment of the world. If they’re defeated, all humans will become extinct on Earth. Do you understand?”

The Omniscient Deity was speaking solemnly.

James scratched his head and said, “It’s not that serious, is it?”

“No.” The Omniscient Deity corrected, “It’ll be much more serious than that.”

He looked at James and said sternly, “You have great potential. Now, you’ve reached the ninth rank, just as the world is about to experience a major change. You need to seize the opportunity. In the end times, taking over control of territories will be the most important thing. Right now, your words carry the most weight in Sol. Build city walls and establish forts. All of these are necessary.

“In the future, many vicious beasts will appear.

“Currently, the vast majority of humans are ordinary people. They need you to step up.”

In recent years, James had paid little attention to the outside world. He had long since ceased to be the Dragon King of Sol.

The weight of responsibility that the Omniscient Deity was now heaping upon him made him feel a little suffocated.

He looked at the Omniscient Deity and asked, “What do you need me to do?’

The Omniscient Deity said, “In the future, food is very important. What you need to do now is seize control of Sol in the shortest amount of time, use the Capital as your base of operations, and construct forts, moats, and city walls. Aside from that, reserve food.

‘There are far too many humans. We don’t have time to take everyone into account. It’s fine to just make sure Sol is safe. As long as Soleans can survive in the end times, humanity will be able to progress.”

After he said that, the Omniscient Deity let out a sigh.

“I’ve kept these things hidden in my heart for so many years. For so many years, I’ve wished for someone to truly reach the ninth rank, so they could share a little of my burden.

“Suddenly, you showed up.

“With your help, I’m under much less pressure.”

The Omniscient Deity spoke extensively.

He spoke of some things about the end times.


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