The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1837

Chapter 1837

They talked about what needed to be done right now.

“If you had taken too long to reach the ninth rank, I would have had to find a way to steal the seal from the Prince of Orchid Mountain and go release the seal. After the seal is released, I would have quickly taken over Sol and ensured the safety of Soleans.

“Now that you’ve reached the ninth rank, there’s no rush to open the seal. We’ll first stabilize Sol.

“Alright. I understand.”

James nodded. He did not think the Omniscient Deity was joking.

Based on the small mysterious plant he had obtained, he could already be sure that the Omniscient Deity was telling the truth.

“Unknown humans, unknown vicious beasts, unknown world…” James muttered.

Currently, he was also a little excited about it. He was looking forward to opening the seal and fighting against many more powerful martial artists.

Nonetheless, Thea was still the most important right now.

He should first head to Mount Bane, fight with the martial artist from the Void Sect, and learn more about the Void Sect’s inner workings.

James returned the three seals to the Omniscient Deity and said, “Hold on to these three seals first, Lord Omniscient. After I rescue Thea, I’ll go to the Prince of Orchid Mountain and ask him for the Imperial Jade Seal he has in his possession.”

The Omniscient Deity put them away once again.

James did not stay any longer and left Mount Jade in a hurry.

After he left, the Omniscient Deity stood up with a solemn expression on his face. “Four Holy Beasts, Four Calamities. The Four Calamities have yet to arrive. Even if all four seals are gathered, the seal will not open. The Four Calamities, what are they exactly?”

The Omniscient Deity’s expression was grave.

He had told James about a lot of things, but there were still some things he had yet to say.

The Four Holy Beasts came from the Sealed Realm and would bring about the Four Calamities. Each of the Four Holy Beasts would cause a calamity.

The Spirit Turtle and the dragon were already dead at this time. However, the calamities had yet to appear.

Initially, he thought that the Spirit Turtle would cause Thea to suffer from energy deviation, and Thea would become one of the calamities. However, Thea had not yet caused too much carnage.

Therefore, his assumption was incorrect.

He took a deep breath and put it out of his mind.

Since the Empyrean Spiritual Energy had already returned and the Void Sect from the Sealed Realm had appeared, it was clear that the Four Calamities were approaching.

Now, he just had to continue to wait, patiently.

After James left Mount Jade, he made his way to Mount Bane without stopping.

Mount Bane was located on the border of Sol and Malgudi. It was a mountain range with an elevation of over seven thousand meters. The top of the mountain was covered in snow all year round.

After two days, James appeared at the foot of Mount Bane.

“He’s here.”

“James is here.”

“He finally showed up. I’m so excited about the fight between James and the Void Sect’s martial artists.”

In the distance, a number of people had gathered.

Bennett from the Caden family.

Donovan from the Blithe family.

Spirit Master from the Heaven and Earth Sect.

Master Maha from the Sylvan Sect.

Simon, Jackson, and Delainey from Mount Thunder Sect.

Callan, Thomas, the First Blood Emperor, Sky.

Thunder King from the Kingdom of Merania, Zekiel from the Polaris Sect, and others.

Almost all of the world’s notable martial artists were in attendance.

Everyone’s gazes were fixed on James.

When James saw that there were so many people, he was taken aback, but he soon walked over to greet them with a smile.


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