The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1842

Chapter 1842

James’ sword attack was so fast. It was not an exaggeration to say it was fast as lightning.

Before the sword fell, dust rolled up under Kaj’s feet. Immediately, the rocks beneath him were shattered by the invisible energy.

Kaj’s expression was still as calm as ever

Just as the sword was about to plunge into his head, he swung his leg upward, which was followed by a golden light

The moment he swung his leg, an astonishing energy materialized.

His True Energy came into contact with James’ sword.


An explosion swept the area.

The energy shockwave spread like ripples through water and destroyed everything in its path.

Rocks were shattered, and trees exploded after being struck by the shockwave.

The destructiveness of the shock wave was devastating.

James was shocked.

He felt the terrifying force rushing in his direction and his arm felt numb from the shock, almost causing him to lose his grip on the sword.

After exchanging a couple of blows, James understood the terror that was Kaj’s abilities.

Kaj’s arrogance and confidence were well-founded.

Meanwhile, Kaj’s expression also darkened.

He was surprised that his attack was only enough to stagger James slightly. According to his assessment

of James’ strength, James should have been seriously injured, if not dead, from his attack.

Contrary to his expectations, James was only forced back slightly.

James was blasted a hundred meters before he could regain his balance.

He stood on a collapsed tree and mobilized his True Energy, easing the pain in his arm.


As soon as James gained a foothold, Kaj had already charged at him.

Kaj lunged at him like a rabid beast devoid of fear. The energy emanating from his body was strong and domineering. As he shot through the air, gravel flew up, and ancient trees turned into splinters.

He appeared in front of James in the blink of an eye and swung his fist at him.

His punch caused the surroundings to shake.

Suddenly, James felt a powerful force blasting toward him like a missile, aiming to eradicate everyone. and everything.

James raised the Primordial Dragon Blade.

He held it up straight and blocked the explosive punch.

However. Kaj stood firm, and James was pushed back by the force, leaving him no choice but to keep retreating backward.

Suddenly, Kaj appeared above James’ head and threw another punch.

Next, he flickered to James’ right, then left.

Kaj’s figure kept flickering around James body and throwing terrifyingly strong illusory punches.




The area James stood at exploded in an instant

Gravel and dust billowed into the sky.

James was caught up in the dust, and his body felt the impact of Kaj’s blows. Despite transforming his physique by using the breathing method to absorb Empyrean Spiritual Energy in the past three years, he could not withstand such a vicious onslaught

He was injured, causing the Blood Energy in his body to roil and his True Energy to go wild.

His body sustained several external injuries, and blood dripped from his wounds.

At that moment, he looked incredibly distressed.

The martial artists spectating from far away were dumbfounded by the scene.

It was impossible for anyone to dodge such rapid attacks.

No one could withstand such terrifying strength.

Even Sky wore a grim expression. He was a ninth-ranked grandmaster but was sure he would suffer severe injuries from Kaj’s barrage of punches.

Under the watchful eyes, James’ body flickered, and he fled from the area with his sword

As soon as he escaped the area, another illusory fist descended from the sky.

Instantly, more illusory fists fell at the position he had stood in previously.

Dozens of illusory fists surrounded him and bombarded the area.


The ground trembled, and the mountains shook, making it seem like the world’s end was near.

By then, James had already escaped hundreds of meters away.


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