The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1843

Chapter 1843

James held on to the Primordial Dragon Blade firmly, mobilized his True Energy, and quickly suppressed his injuries. He wore a desperate expression that was rarely seen on his face. He thought that even if his strength was not a match, he could at least parry Kaj’s attacks after entering the ninth rank.

However, he never expected Kaj to be so strong.

Kaj showed his overwhelming strength as soon as the match began.

In terms of True Energy, James was much inferior to him.

A grim expression crossed Kaj’s face as he looked at James standing several hundred meters away. Although James was injured, his energy still brimmed with vigor.

“Impressive. I’ve underestimated you,” Kaj murmured.

James’ strength had exceeded his expectations.

The Primordial Dragon Blade in James’ hands began to shake

James raised his sword and pointed it at Kaj

“It’s my turn now

As soon as he spoke his words, James rushed into battle once more.

He vanished from sight and left only a Sword Light behind.

The Sword Light cut through the air as James appeared in front of Kaj, thrusting the Primordial Dragon Blade at Kaj’s vital points.

Kaj was not shaken.

He abruptly raised his hand and generated potent True Energy within his palm.

True Energy snaked out from his palm and wrapped around the Primordial Dragon Blade.

For a moment, it felt as if they had frozen in place.

James’ sword was unmoving in mid-air.

No matter how much force he exerted, it would not budge an inch.

James activated the Lunar and Terra Art, unleashing the Lunar and Terra Energy within his body, and passing it through the Primordial Dragon Sword.

Suddenly, he raised his hand.

The Primordial Dragon Blade immediately broke free from Kaj’s True Energy restraints. James leaped into the air, raised the sword, and released bursts of Sword Energy

Kaj panicked and quickly dodged the attack.

As soon as he escaped, the Sword Energy crashed into the ground.


A deep trench was created on the ground in an instant.

Kaj appeared a thousand meters away. His arm was injured by the Sword Energy. Blood oozed from his wound, and he stimulated his True Energy to stop the bleeding.

His face had become cold as ice, and there was a palpable murderous intent.

James’ strength was beyond his expectation.

“I’ve underestimated you, James. I didn’t expect you to have entered the ninth rank at such a young age. However, your achievements were purely because of the Dragon Essence. You’re still far behind me. Let me show you the true essence of the ninth rank.”

“Pass me a sword!”

Kaj raised his hand.

A Void Sect’s disciple in the distance quickly threw a sword at him.

Kaj swiftly caught the sword.

He immediately drew the sword.

The sword in his hand shone brightly. At the same time, Empyrean Spiritual Energy gathered in the sword.

James could feel the pressure of this force.

It felt similar to when he fought with Tyrus a few years ago.

James did not understand it back then, but now he knew what it was. The force was the energy of heaven and earth itself. The Empyrean Spiritual Energy quickly gathered and formed an oppressive force.

James smiled faintly.

He violently swung the Primordial Dragon Blade in his hand.

The Empyrean Spiritual Energy in their surroundings quickly fell into his command.

This 7″

The elder from Void Sect inside the wooden house on Mount Bane stood up abruptly and stared at


“How is this possible? The Earth’s Spiritual Energy is so scarce that it’s almost non-existent. How could he step into the ninth rank without any external energy to bolster his own?”

The elder from Void Sect was shocked

They had been on Earth for some time and had done their research on Earth’s martial artists.

From their investigations, they learned that martial artists from Earth had only improved in recent years because they had killed the dragon, obtaining the dragon’s blood and essence.

In addition, the ninth-ranked grandmasters on Earth only achieved entering the rank through the Dragon Essence and not their own strength.

James’s ability to mobilize Empyrean Spiritual Energy to create an intense force meant he used his own effort to enter the ninth rank.

“We must get rid of him.”

The Void Sect’s elder had a bitter expression.

With him being able to sense Empyrean Spiritual Energy, he would become a powerful threat after the seal was lifted. He could not allow James to live.

After the initial surprise, he calmed down.

“Even so, it doesn’t matter. He’s still not a match for Kaj.”


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