The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1844

Chapter 1844

The powerhouse from the Void Sect put a lot of trust into his disciple

In his eyes, James was still inferior to Kaj despite being a ninth-ranked grandmaster.

Kaj had already been in the ninth rank for more than twenty years.

Moreover, he reached the rank in the Sealed Land, which had sufficient Spiritual Energy Thus, James was not comparable to Kaj

In the sky, the two held onto their swords

At that moment, both of them brought out their Empyrean Spiritual Energy

The two formed intimidating opposing forces with the Empyrean Spiritual Energy concentrating in their swords

The spectators in the distance felt a frightening force sweeping toward them.

I-Is this what a real ninth-ranked grandmaster is like?”

Sky’s eyes widened

Although he was also a ninth-ranked grandmaster, he, too, relied on the Dragon Essence to break through the rank.

Therefore, he could not sense the existence of Empyrean Spiritual Energy, nor was he able to control it

At that moment, he could only sense two intense forces.

It made him year for such power

Suddenly, Kaj made his move.

He instantly appeared above James’ head with his long sword and swung his sword at him. Immediately,

a potent Sword Energy rushed at James with the power of heaven and earth.

James quickly raised his sword to parry the Sword Energy


The two strong forces crashed into each other and dispersed to their surroundings.

Both of them were blown away

“He’s powerful.”

After the explosion, James was shocked.

He did not hold back this time and went all out but was still blasted away

Moreover, the wounds on his body were close to opening up again.

Just then, James understood that Kaj was indeed powerful.

Snapping himself out of his shock, he calmed himself down. He lowered his stance and dashed forward, quickly appearing below Kaj. Then, he shot up into the sky.


A terrifying Sword Light erupted from his blade.

As the Sword Light appeared, it quickly absorbed the Empyrean Spiritual Energy.

Mount Bane was where the seal was located, and the Empyrean Spiritual Energy was more concentrated there than in other areas.

With the potent Empyrean Spiritual Energy augmenting his own, James’ Primordial Dragon Blade’s Sword Energy was unfathomably strong. The spectators in the distance were pushed back by the force, and the whole sky seemed to darken instantly

The space surrounding the Sword Energy looked distorted.

The terrifying Sword Energy launched at Kaj

Kaj was not afraid and calmly sent forth a counterattack.


There was another strong impact

It was so strong that the two Sword Energies exploded in the sky

The mountain range was leveled instantly.

Kaj held his long sword and took the initiative to launch attacks.

Flickering in the sky were the two’s figures and their Sword Energies.

James and Kaj fought fiercely.

After exchanging dozens of moves, James appeared in the distance and swung the Primordial Dragon Blade, instantly unleashing thirteen dazzling Sword Energies.

The thirteen Sword Energies merged together and formed a 100-meter-long sword.

The colossal sword was made of the purest energy.

The powerful Sword Energy had two colors-it was half black and half white.

The long sword floated horizontally in the air, and its intense energy caused the surroundings to look distorted and unreal. The space looked like broken glass that would shatter upon the slightest touch. The sky also looked like it would crumble with a light tap

“It’s the Fourteen Heavenly Swords!”

The martial artists exclaimed.

“What’s going on? Why is James’ Fourteen Heavenly Swords so different from the time he used it a few years ago?”

“It feels like two completely different energies.”

“One is True Yang Energy, and the other is True Yin Energy”

“The Fourteen Heavenly Swords is formed by the fusion of Yin and Yang Energy.”


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