The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1845

Chapter 1845

The spectators exclaimed.

They held their breaths and watched the battle intently.

Kaj looked at the towering True Energy sword and could sense the power it held. At that moment, he felt his blood turn to ice


James waved the Primordial Dragon Blade in his hand.

The 100-meter-long sword of True Energy struck out with great strength and slashed at Kaj

Kaj snorted smugly.

He waved his hand, and Sword Lights burst out from his sword one after another. Immediately, hundreds of Sword Lights appeared, charging at the Fourteen Heavenly Swords at once.


An explosion happened in the sky.

The Sword Light burst out and looked like fireworks to the people watching the battle from afar, as they could not clearly see the fight.

Kaj blocked the Fourteen Heavenly Swords.

However, James made another attack

He unleashed a strange sword technique-the First Lunar and Terra Sword Art

It was the unmatched sword technique recorded on the mountain.

In the past three years, he had been studying the sword technique and the First Sword Art he had obtained from King Quavon’s Mausoleum.

He had fused the two sets of sword techniques together a long time ago but never had the chance to use them. Now, he could finally unleash it without restraint. His swordsmanship was as quick as a flash, making it almost impossible to parry

At that moment, the Fourteen Heavenly Swords clashed with Kaj’s flurry of Sword Lights. The two exchanged blow after blow.

The dazzling Sword Lights flickered in the sky like lightning, constantly decimating the surroundings.

The surrounding area was reduced to rubble and splinters.

The two moved and swung their swords at blinding speeds.

James quietly appeared behind Kaj and thrust the Primordial Dragon Blade.

Kaj was oblivious, and it was already too late by the time he realized it. James’ sword was already pressing against his back.

Although James did not pierce it through his body, the Sword Energy contained in his sword was potent enough to injure Kaj.

The Primordial Dragon Blade itself did not pierce through Kaj’s body, but the Sword Energy emitted from it managed to go past his defenses.

His body plummeted from the sky and crashed into the ruins, unable to continue the fight.

The area returned to silence.

The spectators watched the scene with wide eyes. They stared at the battlefield from a distance and watched as Kaj’s body fell from the sky.


The Void Sect’s disciples were shocked.

Kaj was practically invincible to them.

Even in the Sealed Realm, Kaj was one of the best seniors in their sect.

Yet, he had lost to James, a martial artist outside of the seal.

They were in disbelief at the battle’s outcome.

“Mr Waseem, get back up!”

“You’re supposed to be invincible, Mr. Waseem! How can you lose to that brat, James, a martial artist from outside the Sealed Realm?”

The Void Sect’s disciples shouted anxiously.

However, Kaj never got back up.

James’ body slowly descended from the sky and landed firmly on the ground. He stumbled backward, vomited a mouthful of blood, and then collapsed.

Despite winning the match against Kaj, he sustained severe injuries.

“Damn it.”

There was a furious growl in the distant mountain.

“You dare hurt my disciple? You must really want to die.”

After the voice rang out, an elderly man appeared.

The man wore a gray robe and had an old and bearded face. His face was wrinkled, and his eyes were sunken. It was evident he was boiling with anger.

He appeared in front of James instantly and thrust out his palm.

James was lying on the ground and could not get up before the devastating force suddenly swept toward him. The powerful force crashed into him, causing his body to bounce off the ground and fall a distance away

He vomited more blood, and there was a horrifying wound on his body.


Watching from a distance, Thea was enraged upon seeing this scene.

A malicious energy erupted from her body, and her pitch-black pupils turned crimson.


Thomas’ expression turned to shock, and he quickly tried to hold Thea back but was too late. Thea had already rushed to the battlefield.


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